Any Grants for Renovations to make Home Handicapped Accessible

Hello Everyone:

I was wondering if there are any grants available to apply for that assist with making our homes handicapped accessible and or if there are grants available to purchase mobility equipment like wheelchairs, ramps, motorized chairs, walkers, adjustable base beds etc. there was a chair I saw advertised on Facebook and cannot find it but it helps you in the kitchen when cooking. It was a motorized chair that could lift you above the stove to look in your pots and to reach the cabinets. I am limited by my Walker and always need for someone to pass me things and sometimes my children or grandchildren are not home. I retired from work because of the decline in my mobility. I was declared permanently disabled by SSD but Medicare takes 24 months and my current medical plan does not cover any of these things. I do appreciate any information you can provide.

Thank you.


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Hi good morning, if I may I believe it all depends on where you live , I’m in Texas (Austin) we have a program that helps some people they go by income my uncle was able to get a ramp and a walk-in shower while my family was not able to get help my mom has fibromyalgia and mobility issues my dad is a dietetic with hear problems and he has Parkinson’s ( mild) I’m legally blind my child has multiple disabilities my husband is a disabled Vet. And we could not get help. I wish you all the luck however like I said I believe it all depends on where you live Please if do find help please pass it on. :pray:

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I am following this post.
My wife had to go on disability due to a decline in her health.
We are looking a remodeling and would be interested in anything that folks know that might help defray the cost.
We are in Michigan.

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I wonder a similar thing. I am in need of a wheelchair van. They are horribly expensive, even used ones. Any help from a grant would be so appreciated.

Grants for any of the items noted in the posts above are indeed very localized and somewhat rare unfortunately. I would suggest that anyone in the 50 States contact their local Center for Independent Living for the best localized info.
CILs are non-profit community organizations operated by people with disabilities for the express purpose of helping others remain independent in the community. There are CILs in all 50 states and each state is covered in its entirety by at least one (but many times more than one) center. Here is a link to the national directory… just click on your state on the map and it will give contact info for all CILs in that state:

Im in California and low income so I have Medicare and Medi-cal fir my disability. I got a hoverround power wheelchair for free using these two insurances together. We do have a program that helps with bathroom renovations but i cant access it right now because im shuffled between two homes for care. When I get settled into one they will do my bathroom. A suggestion is to get a home health aide through what we call ihss.

I don’t kmow about hone improvements but I researched for a long time because I was looking for assistance in pur hadinv a vonversion van. Unless you have a local charity willing to assist you or you are a veteran entitled to benefits through the VA I didn’t find any grants. This was last year when it became impossible for me to fet into my vehicle. At first I tried to gave my mi ivan converted wuth lift in the nack for my chair and a seat that would turn out wards and lower for me to get into the driver’s seat. That seat only worked if you are very short or had very short legs. I am 5’8" with long legs and once installed and I went to sit in it I could not clear the door jam for the seat. It had to be removed and rerurned to the manufacturer in Canada and that was $1,300 mistake. Waited until a used conversion van became available when another customer, a lady veteran, traded her 2019 on a 2021 model. Even used it was very expensive but the dealer with whom I worked was awesome. I first visited one locally and they basically said this is $80 000+ other add-ons you will need. I almost choked because they said the price as if it was no big deal. Sorry, but don’t have that kibd of money. If you are a qualified veteran you can trade every 2 years. I was fortunate in that my group health insurance paid for my electric wheelchair but they don’t help with any needed conversions to transportation. Theur theiry is that you have the chair or scooter go get around inside your home. I guess we are supposed to become hermits when we use disabled equipment. Read recently where done guy was complaining because he thought all handicapped parking places should revert to regular parking at 5:00 p.m. I guess he thinks we ought to go home and hibernate until the next morning. How ignorant can you be. I still think it is ludicrous that Medicare will not pay orr a lift chair but will only pay towards the motor inside the chair so therefore health insurance providers follow those guidelines. What good is the motor without the chair? I need one fir assistance in getting up and also to keep my legs elevated as I have lymphedema in both legs.