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Any recommendations for hotels in Atlanta, Georgia, near Lenox Mall

Hi everyone, planning on going to visit family in Atlanta, Georgia and want to stay near Lenox Mall to be close to food, entertainment and transportation. Any suggestions that are actually truly accessible with roll-in showers, as my wife is a paraplegic in a manual wheelchair, clean and optionally a restaurant?

I did a quick search for accessible hotels within walking distance of Lenox Square - Buckhead. You didn’t specify how much you would spend per night, so I choose $200-$300. Hotels have elevators as well as accessible bathrooms and free parking. Could not find one with a restaurant on premises, but there are plenty in the area.


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Thank you I will check this out now

The holiday Inn Hotels is very accessible.
Big rooms and the bathroom has a rolling shower

I’m also a c5 quadriplegic So I know very much about traveling.

And also has a lift in the hotel rooms but price is very Expensive, But great :+1:t5:.
I hope that I answer your question good for you.
From Imani Mckinnon

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You’re welcome Be Safe

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Thank you for your reply I will check it out now

If you don’t mind answering, which particular Holiday Inn did you stay at and in what area?

Hi there Stephman. I have a beautiful home that is fully ADA compliant including roll-in showers, etc. My wheelchair bound clients who stayed there
have said that it is perfect, one young man said that I had taken care of everything. The home has a huge wraparound deck on back and a bubbling

brook that you can hear and see. It’s a very nice and therapeutic environment, but, it’s not near Lenox Mall, it’s in Decatur about 30 mins from Lenox mall.
www.airbnb.com/h/ATL-respite. I do have mid-June through 8/1 blocked out but if you need it then I can accommodate you.

Hi @stephman243, thanks for posting! Below are the links to hotels in Atlanta that have positive accessibility reviews from members of our community:

When you search for Atlanta hotels on accessibleGO, you’ll find accessibility information for nearly 150 area hotels. We also have trip planning resources for Atlanta here, including articles about the top 10 accessible attractions, the top accessible hotels (which is based on accessibility information reported by the hotels, to clarify), and a sample 48 hour itinerary.

Lastly, we also posted your question on our Facebook page here so other members of our community can give recommendations :smiley:

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Thank you, I will check them out