Any suggestions for an accessible trip to Paris, France - i.e. lodgings, transportation, dining, sightseeing/things to do


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Looking for suggestions for lodgings, transportation, dining, sightseeing and things to do while in Paris, France for approximately 7-8 days. I’m finding it challenging to confirm some of the lodgings, sights and eateries are truly accessible. I am manual wheelchair bound and will have a travel companion.


Accommodations, none recent but recommend muse d’orsay 4 accessibility plus way less crowded,better location than Louvre.
Most metro stations don’t have elevators

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I am also traveling to Paris this summer. I’ve found offers all kind of packages which include transportation. Also, there are lots of private tours that offer handicap assistance. “Laugh Your Way Through the Louvre” by Cedrik is one we have scheduled. We are staying at Hotel Londres Saint Honore which is about two blocks from the Louvre. If you notify them that you require handicap accessibility they have rooms on the same floor as the reception desk. Otherwise, there are stairs to climb to get to the elevator. Good luck.

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