Any suggestions for handicapped accessibility tours in Dublin Ireland?

Can I get any suggestions for handicapped accessible tours in Dublin Ireland?

I use a manual wheelchair. I loved Dublin. It was fairly accessible. The concierge at our hotel was helpful finding accessible tours and cabs. We caught a tour bus from a company by the Old Post Office that had a ramp and space for the wheelchair. The tour was to Powerscourt Gardens. I took several accessible cabs. Once the driver knew we were American he narrated the trip as well as any tour guide.

Hi pf1313, I’m Pinky :fairy:; one of your Forum Moderator’s. Welcome back to the Forum. Your inquiry about accessible tours has forced me to finally do some research I have been promising to do for my spouse and friends who want us all to go to Ireland :ireland:(and don’t know what to do with me in my wheelchair). I wanted to get you a diverse list of tours, so you could have some choices. Just remember this is not an exhaustive list; I’m sure there are plenty more accessible tours out there too.

However I did want to warn you that I read a lot of posts that claim Dublin is not very wheelchair friendly; especially older buildings. I can’t verify that at all, especially after finding so many tours. I do recommend verifying with any of the tour operators that the tour you are interested in, is actually accessible. Sometimes they have different definitions of accessible and I wouldn’t want you to have any problems. All the ones I am listing here though, did list having an accessible tour :shamrock::

Dublin Discovered Water Tours - Believe it or not, they claim their boats are accessible. What a great way to see the city (on a warm day).

Big Bus Dublin - A Hop On/Hop Off Bus Tour through the city. Warning: only 85% of the buses are accessible, so may be a possibility you will have to wait for the next bus.

Worldwide City Sightseeing Bus Tour - Another double tour bus company with a Hop on/off based tour program. Most of their buses are Accessible too; but they do have a 2 chair limit per bus and if full, you need to wait for next bus.

Dublin Coastal Craft Beer and Seafood Trail - Can you believe it? This is wheelchair accessible! (I’m gonna want a t-shirt for finding you this one…lol) But at least this makes my spouse happy; so thank you again for the prompt to search.

Game of Thrones Studio Tour - Alright, I know… this isn’t exactly in Dublin; more halfway to Belfast. But if you happen to go that way, wanted you to know it’s fully accessible.

Murder at Trinity College - This is a self-solving murder mystery challenge for you and your group to try and solve by playing investigators at Trinity College.

Limitless Travel Dublin Tour - In case you were actually looking for a multi-day, accessible tour; I found you this 5-day tour in Dublin and there is a lot to see there.

Hoping this can get you started? Pease let me know if you need me to find you something else or if I didn’t find anything of interest so far? I did find this neat list with castles and manor houses (some hotels), that have accessible rooms (and which to avoid).

I want to hear all about what tours you went on and what else you did that was accessible when you get back. Have a fabulous time.


Hi. I came across this in my search and remembered someone asked about Dublin. I’ve been there, but it was before I needed a wheelchair. Hope this is helpful to you.