Anybody a nomad?

Does anyone have a camper and travel around the US? My mom, dad, and I are going to be going around the US in the next couple of years, (hopefully.) Do y’all record any YouTube videos? Let’s talk…

I have hereditary spastic paraplegia (HSP). Was diagnosed in 2007. I have traveled throughout the US from coast to coast since 2017. I now have a 33’ trailer and a Ford F350 tow vehicle.

Have used Facebook to record my travels for friends and family to follow my adventures.

Price of gas has definetly impacted my travels. I will begin again in spring (April or May). Will go from Texas (where I currently am) to South Dakota. Then, east or west. Haven’t decided yet, as I have family and friends in both directions.

With HSP, I can no longer walk unassisted. I use a rollator, and electric scooter. I can still do everything. It just takes me a lot longer.

Go out and see the country. Do not give up. Yes, some days will be long and trying. But, in the end, it is worth it.


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i have a spinal cord injury, and amputation; I’m a quad. My wife and I travel in a lift-equipped Motorhome. Since I can no longer fly, we are able to get to events and see family. It isn’t easy, but we make it work.

Thank y’all for replying! Maybe we can meet up sometime when we get on the road?

What kind of motor home is it? My parents have an Outback toy hauler. It’s very nice! The only thing that it needs is a ceiling lift.