Anyone know of an airline that offers discounts to disabled people?

Thanks in advance for anyone that knows of 1 that offers discounts.

Hi sorry to tell you this , No I’ve asked that my self and No no discounts for people with disabilities. Sorry

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Well I have some good news and some bad news. Bad news is, Hita1lopez is correct, none of the airlines offer any type of discount for being disabled. (They don’t even offer the bereavement prices anymore; got so greedy).

BUT… several of the airlines have been known to upgrade seating if available (right before boarding), if there is a seat that would be more convenient for you to access the bathroom (if you require an aisle chair to get from seat to bathroom) and/or make it easier for the flight attendants to help give you some extra attention when needed.

None of that is a guarantee. I always suggest being sweet as sugar with the check-in agent at the airport and ask them if it" is a very full flight?" If they say no, ask them" if there are any seats available that would make it easier for the attendants to use the aisle chair to get to the bathroom?"

They may tell you it’s too early to determine and to check in with the gate agent too with your request. Usually 8/10 times, they forget the aisle chair request and have to scramble to arrange for that to be on the plane; so, they automatically then try to put you as close to the bathroom door “just in case” they don’t pull off finding the aisle chair.

I’m sorry I can’t be of any help with a direct discount, but hopefully this may save you some money on travel if you need a larger seat or seating area.

Shhhhh. :shushing_face:… don’t tell too many people the secret. lol,

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