Are people still anxious to travel, even in our "post-COVID" world?

I know that COVID is “over” - but I still find myself anxious to travel sometimes. Am I alone? Are others feeling good and confident? Or are you still nervou, too? I created a little poll, but I also welcome your comments below. :slight_smile:

  • I’m not nervous to travel at all!
  • I’m still VERY nervous
  • I am a little nervous

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Covid is not over. I’m sitting here and I’ve been sick with Covid for 2 weeks now.


Wife and i have been on 2 two week cruises on royal with no problems. Hockey games. Large gatherings with family. Vacations .

The moment you start living in fear your life is over.


I know that, that’s why I used quotation marks in my question. I was attempting (poorly! haha) to imply that I don’t think COVID is really over—but we’re being told it is, which can make a person feel quite crazy!

I have cruised about 170 days since October 2021 with absolutely no issues until earlier this month when I got a cold while cruising to Hawaii….It lasted only a few days…. I’m leaving next week for 25 days of cruising. I have flown about a dozen times during this time period. I’ve been to Las Vegas and Disneyland too. My cruises took me to Mexico over 10 times, Hawaii 3 times, Panama, Costa Rica, Aruba, Curaçao, St. Marteen, St. Thomas, The Bahamas, Vancouver, Alaska and up and down the West Coast several times.
I am 67 and I was never afraid, just cautious.:relaxed:


I don’t believe that COVID-19 is over. There are still plenty of people becoming very sick and dying from it, although not in the same numbers as in early 2020. My health is fragile, and I take every precaution to prevent becoming ill with any infectious disease, especially COVID-19.


Definitely. I hope my post is clear in its implication that I also do not think COVID is over, I was trying to use quotation marks to indicate that we’re being told that… but it still is and active and present concern for me (and others!) (as you so eloquently put it).

@tcook827 it is sweet to read this and comforting. i am so glad you are still out there living your best life (within reason, of course). inspiring. :slight_smile:


Even the government is saying the worst may be over, but COVID is not gone. They are publishing and broadcasting the number sick and died much less. If you check you will find that the numbers of sick and hospitalized is quite high again this winter. We are actually facing 3 illnesses, RSV, Flu and COVID. This summer I would go to the store without a mask, but as winter approached I’m back in the mask. We are getting out more, but with care. For thanksgiving we met at a restaurant for dinner. For Christmas, we rented a room to protect a 19mo old, 2 88 year old, 3 asthmatics and others with compromised immunity. This think will never go away. With vaccines and hopefully new treatments we will be able to handle it as we keep going and find a new way to live. We would never be the same after 1 year lockdown and so many gone. It changed us, even if it had been over after 1 year, life wouldn’t be the same as it was. We find a new path in reality.

My husband and I traveled to Ghana in December 2020 and visited several sites. We drove to Chicago a couple of times, and in 2022, we went to France and Italy. I also am 67. I refuse to stop living life, as my abilities allow. We are just CAUTIOUS, and get all our vaccinations, while masking.

I got COVID after a cruise to Alaska in August. Almost everyone I know that went to Europe got sick when they returned. All had mild cases. At 75 years old, I can’t waste anymore time to complete my travel bucket list.

Got Covid in July on. a bus tour of Ireland. Just got off a cruise in the Carribean and nobody was sick. There are still many new Covid cases where we live.