looking for hotel in kcmo
but every one says assessability not determined!

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While we have gathered accessibility data for the top 30 cities in the USA, we have now begun a new project for hotels across the USA to supply the accessibility information themselves. In the past few weeks we have reached out to over 80 hotels in Kansas City and the data from these properties will be live on our site imminently. Thank you for your patience as we grow.

I am a Hilton Honors member so more than any other I use their app to locate hotel accommodations when I travel. I also belong to Marriott, IHG, Hyatt, etc. I just went to my Hilton app and picked an arbitrary sets of dates and chose an Embassy Suites duwbtownvin KCMO and found 1 room with mobility tub and 1 room with shower. I would suggest pulling up websites for the various band brands of hotels and look at hotels available for your particular days and number of guests and then look at that particular hotel’s rooms and see if they have a handicapped accessible room available. Then I think you are better off calling the hotel direct rather than using their toll free numbers. I normally use my Hilton app. Once I select a particular hotel I click on choice of accessible rooms and apply that to the list of rooms to be brought up. If I click on an accessible room a window pops up and tells me it is an accessible room and asked that if I don’t need such to please cancel and choose another room. If I need accessibility then I proceed with my choice. The only chain that I will not use is Choice Hotels because they lied to me when I made my reservation 5 months in advance, when I called about midway to the time we were going to be there and reconfirmed my reservation for a handicapped room, and again at checkin when the young woman who checked me into our room assured me this was a handicapped room. Thankfully I was only using a walker at that time because I had to step up from parking lot to sidewalk in front of the room, step up again to get from sidewalk into the room; then I could not even fit my walker through the doorway of bathroom, which in no way was accessible. There were no grab bars around a low sitting commode; small sink hanging from wall with no where to sit toiletries and a standup shower stall about the size of a coffin stood on end; again with no where to put shampoo, soap, etc. Had I been in a wheelchair, scoiterv8r power chair I could not have reached the bathroom doorway due to the configuration of the room. To make matters worse when I wrote Choice corporate as this was a Comfort Inn and Suites, they ignored me. I waited about 2 weeks and wrote a second email, attaching a copy of my first one, and again they ignored me. I had even attached photos of the steps, the doorway with my waljer attempting to go through and the 3 items found in the bathroom and I erall configuration of room. Again two weeks passed and no response so I hit them where it hurts - I posted my second email and copy of my first and all of the photos with captions on their corporate Facebook page. Boy; that got someone’s attention as in less than 30 minutes they were replying and apologizing and giving me bonus member points and they took down my post. I told them to keep the points because I never intended to spend another dime at any of their locations and I have not. Years ago I was using a travel site like to find a place in a suburb of Richmond, VA. I had as a nice young jan helping new and he called one place but I cannot recall which chain but it was one I had not used before and inquired about an accessible room being available for my dates and the woman on the line with him was the manager on duty. She did not realize that the guest was also on the phone when she proceeded to tell him she had a room but she preferred not to book handicapped guests because she didn’t like the liability should one fall or get injured in some way. Needless to say he hung up on her and said to me that unless he was mistaken that was highly illegal and he was reporting the conversation to his supervisor. I wish you much luck with your reservations.