Bad Disneyland Experience


From community member Kendra,

People don’t understand the struggles and physical pain of being handicap. Here’s an email I wrote Disney and my very recent terrible trip: I went to Disneyland on January 13th, 2019. I got there at 11:15pm but by the time I found parking and used the very limited elevator and long walk to the park it was 1pm. I am disabled and had very hard time. I got there and was told to go to City Hall once I got inside Disneyland and to let them know I was handicap. I did as instructed and was only given a map, an attitude, and no instructions as to what to do with limited mobility and how to do it. My first ride was a disaster. I went to Tomorrowland and tried going in to the buzz light year ride (I believer that’s what it’s called). I was told to park my ACV then was asked if I can transfer (which I replied yes to as long as I’m not standing long). I was standing for what seemed like a lifetime waiting for the staff to let us on the ride (15-20 minutes). My legs were in so much pain and I was sweating from the pain I was in. I then realized the park wasn’t very handicap friendly. I gave the benefit of the doubt and went to the next ride. I was told I can wait in line because my ACV fit fine. Every turn was very difficult I had to keep backing up to turn and people were getting upset and it was embarrassing for my family and I. After going on a few rides we decided to try California adventure and was given an even bigger attitude when I asked if there was any kind of pass ( I was tired of not being able to turn in line as well as feeling so much pain standing in line waiting for my transfer) I explained all this and was was looked up and down and told I will be fine as if they knew what I was feeling physically. I even upgraded to the fast pass to see if it helped but all I did was spend more money for nothing. Overall this was a once in a lifetime vacation being disabled and not able to work which was ruined by rude staff and and completely un-empathetic people. I’m truly disappointed in the lack of accessibility for the disabled. I even had a doctors letter because he was worried I would get slack for being disabled. I honestly thought it would be different I called before I took the vacation to ensure you were handicap friendly and your costumer service staff over the phone were phenomenal. Not so much in person and definitely not like universal studios which accommodated to my disability without me even having to ask.


I’m sorry you had that experience. When we went three years ago they weren’t like that at all. The regular Disneyland let us go to the front of the line and I stayed on the scooter till the very end. There were a couple rides that they gave me a ticket and told us what time to be back.

I was a little dissapointed though that they never told us that when we went to Disneyland Adventure that they are “handicapped accessible” so you couldn’t go to the front for anything. By the time we figured that out it was too late to get tickets to ride on the one ride my son had been looking forward to the whole time. It was a little easier to get around than the other side but it still would have been easier and would not have had to sit for so long if they kept the rules the same.

I’m an amputee and at that time couldn’t walk far. Now I can’t wear it at all and only get around with my scooter. My daughter is 10 and wants more than anything for me to feel better. She did say that was one cool thing about me having a disability was being able to go to the front of the line. I too wish people understood how difficult it is to get around and the embarrassment when you have to maneuver your scooter in tight places. We get enough stares as it is.

Hope you were able to make some good memories together :blush:


I have had 5 trips to Disney and could not have had a better experience. I am sorry for your experience. We use a wheelchair due to my wife’s stroke this happened 14 years ago. The employees were excellent. Actually, a 15 minutes wait times is almost unheard based on the usual hour or more waiting times we have experience in our past trips. The number of people that are now using ATV’s without being disabled has made employees a bit more skeptical. So, guests like you and I who are handicapped, are being viewed with a little more skeptical eyes. I hope you will give Dilsney a second chance.