Baltic , Norway and Iceland Cruising

Here we have a (rather long) blog about a cruise on the ā€˜Island Princessā€™. It covers Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Estonia and Iceland with some useful tips. It is worth a read!

Excellent account of your trip. Thank you for sharing.

Wonderful. We just booked a Baltic cruise for June. Thanks for the information.

As I am reading your article I have to laugh. Clearly some of the ā€œaccessibleā€ features are not well thought out. I see in your room the toilet paper was at least close to the toilet. I had to dismantle the holder to get it within reach.

We went to Alaska on the Norwegian Epic, all shiny new. The automatic doors are a simple swipe of your room card to open the doors. But in my scooter I could not get close enough to the reader to scan my card so was stuck.

I hated the theatre seats too. Yes they were only at the very back. Adults who should know better hung out in the back and were constantly chit chatting so I couldnā€™t hear the show. Frustrating.

Latvia is on our next cruise. I have read it is an easy walk into the old town but it sounds daunting. Were you able to rent a scooter? So far I havenā€™t found one yet. Those pictures of the ramps scare me.
I am very happy that we can ride the tram in Helsinki and Tallin. My husband is laughing about the ramp pictures.

Thank you for all the information. It will be invaluable.