Beach wheelchair rental


We are traveling to Cancun and my 13 year old has her own wheelchair however we want to rent one for the beach. So far I only see a chair without front wheels and a chair as big as a tractor.


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We have heard good things about Playa Mobility from other members of the community.



I found this company that not only rents wheelchairs, but also beach wheelchairs, and offers transportation.


A lot of resorts now have access 2 beach wheelchairs. 2 big wheels 1 small. Most go in the water and allow user to ride the waves like other people. They are not 2b used without an adult to hold rope in water.i don’t know about ur specific area but if it doesn’t have one for use or rent, they should they r not expensive


I keep trying to ask for a quote on the forhandicaptraveler website and each time I fill out the form and submit, it says fail.


Shughes250. Make sure you choose from the drop down the type of chair you’re requesting. Also, I requested a quote using my IPad.