Beach wheelchairs ACCESSIBLE

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I just found an article on internet, I thought it will helped to ease some worries.
The Best Accessible Beaches in Europe, From Barcelona City Spots to Resorts in Greece
Enjoying European beach culture in a wheelchair is easy at these spots, thanks to floating chairs, Seatrac systems, and accessible transport.


Are there beaches in the USA with similar accessibility?


The one I know of is in Cancun Mexico in some resorts for their guest, Florida may have some too but I have heard theirs is a fee.

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Hello @allredac. Thank you for posting this article! I am just beginning to research Italy/Greece vacations for next years travel. You mentioned Cancun, can I ask which resort? I’m currently looking at one of the new Dreams, but open to others! Thanks!!

My friend went t a wedding in Cancun Marriott Hotel Resort .the ceremony was on the beach; she is disabled The hotel helped her to rent a beach wheelchair access very easily.

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Beach wheelchair rental in Cancun - Cloud of Goods.

This service can be pricy even on low season

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The only problem I had with the beach wheelchair was that it was not motorized. Someone had to push. It worked but it was not easy.



You are correct! Thank you for clearing that out Gloria.
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@davidprovan - Patch from accessibleGO here. We have several articles on accessible beaches and beach wheelchairs. You can see them here.

2 Likes has accessible info about Cancun and 10 other Mexico destination. Click on Destinations with accessibility tab at the top.

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Corfu,Greece has the most number of accessible beaches in the country.

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I know there is one in NC it’s called oak isle I believe. I know when I first got my injury the hospital gave me the spinal cord awarenesses book. And it said in there that most fire departments have wheelchair built for the beach. when you go to the beach or etc they have a wheelchair that’s designed to go into the water it has big like ATV tires on it someone does have to push you.

Hi Davidprovan, I’m Pinky :fairy:: one of your Forum Moderator’s.

I just wanted to throw out to ideas for you real quick about a couple spots in North Carolina I came across that had free beach wheelchairs and beach Mobi-mats (to roll over sand) all over their beaches.

Outer Banks - North Carolina:

  • Duck: Call Duck Surf Rescue (252) 982-6747.

  • Kitty Hawk: Call Fire Department (252) 261-2666 for availability.

  • Kill Devil Hills: Call Ocean Rescue Headquarters at (252) 480-0080 for availability.

  • Jockey’s Ridge: State Park (252) 441-7132 or visit the park office for availability.

  • Nags Head: Call Fire Department (252) 441-5909 or Ocean Rescue (252) 480-2555 for availability.

  • Coquina Beach: Call Cape Hatteras National Seashore at (252) 473-2111 for availability. From Memorial Day - Labor Day, available at the beach.

  • Hatteras: Call Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Visitor Information at (252) 995-4474 for availability.

  • Ocracoke: National Seashore/Ocracoke Visitor Center (252) 928-4531

Carolina Beach:

There are a bunch of beaches that I know of on the Atlantic coast that are now offering free beach wheelchairs; some that can be reserved ahead of time and others on a first-come first-served basis.

Happy to help you hunt down a beach wheelchair in somewhere more specific too? Just let me know.

Happy Beach Gliding,
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Thank you very much!

treasure Island in Florida a good piece for wheelchair access. They have a mesh walkway so that you can roll down the beach about half way.

South Padre Island, Texas has beach wheelchairs available for free at the Fire Station for use during your stay. They have been allowing people to us them for over 20 years and update them every few years.