Bed height help!


My boyfriend is a paraplegic, every single “nice” hotel has those big huge beds, we can’t even find a hotel where he can get in the bed. I cannot lift him! The mattresses are too soft, they are too high for him to transfer from his wheelchair, we use to travel alot but even the handicap rooms have those big new beds!!! What can we do!?


I can’t do those big beds either . I am on crutches and can’t hoist myself into then. When we travel I look for the older cheap hotels and motels and hope the are clean. I usually make out ok. I bring my own shower chair that slides over the tub if there is no shower. The old places are less expensive and I considered that a bonus. They are less likely to have upgraded to those fancy bed. You can also call ahead and ask.


Hi Miriam, I know exactly what you are talking about. The high beds have been one of my complaints for a long time. The bed needs to be the same height as the wheelchair so arms can transfer you to the bed. Not sure why they do that with the beds unless they want it to look like a Princess bed. We need to voice our opinions regarding travel for the disabled.

Mary Williams (Polio at age 6 in 1952 with minimal strength in legs.)


Have the hotel remove the box spring. That will lower the bed height make it easier to transfer. Transfer board can also help when used to slode from wheelchair to bed


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Yes, high beds suck! Of course I do not know your situation but rooms that are not accessibility seem to have lower beds. Another idea maybe you two could travel with transfer board?

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tell them the bed is o high, they have changed the lower innerspring to a low profile for me. when the bed id too high.

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Make a short ramp to elevate him 6 inches for the transfer?


I have an issue with the higher beds also. I use a walker and I have found even some handicapped rooms are inaccessible. In one hotel I ended up by having to use one of the trashcans as a stepstool in order to get into the bed.

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I share the concern about high beds. I use a wheelchair and cannot transfer to a high bed. So, almost always, I have to have the hotel staff remove the box springs. This usually makes the bed a bit too low, but I typically can find a way to make it work to get back in my wheelchair. It’s not great, but workable. I hate paying high dollar room rates and still have to deal with high bed issues that make my stay less comfortable than were I non-disabled.

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I have been voicing this concern to hotels for years. If you are planning ahead you can call or email the hotel and ask them to measure the bed height. An alternative to removing the box spring is some beds the supporting frame can be removed and that usually lowers these tall beds just enough for a transfer.


I have the opposite problem. I am 6 feet tall and have trouble going from sitting to standing. Tall beds are great for me to get in and out of. I have difficulty with short beds. (I am not in a wheelchair.) There should be some middle ground here.