Bed height in Holiday Inn, and Holiday Inn Express

The beds in Holiday Inn, and Holiday Inn Express are too high for some people with disabilities at 34 - 36 inches from the floor. The bed height is in all rooms including the handicapped rooms so switching rooms is not an option.

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Yes, and the stupid memory foam toppers make it impossible to get out once you’ve climbed (literally!!) in. I ask the desk to have maintenance remove the frame to put the box spring on the floor, which usually does the trick. Have had multiple conversations and complained to corporate for Wyndham and Choice chains, along with Yelp, TripAdvisor and other sites. Hope somebody gets a clue!!!

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I only use Holiday Inn & I once had them same problem, but with many conversation concerning the height wasn’t a issue any more. From now on when I book a room with any them, my concerns are on file & when I do enter the room with two service men to remove the frame to lower the bed to 31 inches.

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Thanks for that information!!!

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Also accessibleGO’s Travel Forum my email is correct as it is but I’ve remarried and my name now is Dawn Cooley. I didn’t know if that would be a problem when I get able to travel. Thanks in advance for your help.

It’s not just Holiday Inns and Holiday inn Express locatiobs, but all chsins swem to have gobe with h8fhwr beds. I have friends who are able-bodied that also complain they are having a hard time getting into hotel beds. I had this issue last April wgen visiting my youngest grandson and his wife. I stayed at a Hilton and after attending a concert with them at UT I returned to my hitel, had a late night dessert and went to my room only to discover I could not get up and into my bed. I calked tte frint desk and explained I was in a handicapped accessible room but the bed was high I could not get into ut. The young man told me switching tooms would be of no benefit because all of the beds were identical. I told him that was their first mistake in that handicapped tooms should not be identical to other rooms. There would be no need to request an accessible room if all were identical. Finally a young lady working the front desk found a small wooden box in their catering office which sfe brought to my room and it gave me just enough height to het me into the bed. Back home I went online to Amazon and ordered my own wooden box. I pack it in my car when I load my luggage. I have bellman put it on the cart with my luggage and make sure I have it on hand because it seems to be a new necessity. I wrote a complaint and posted a poor review of my last handicapped accessible room. It had a rolling chair that could not be locked into place; I asked them if they were dying to have a lawsuit as I could just pucture me trying to sit at that desk wirh that chair flying backwards out from under me. The bed was really high and I had to use my box and my leg lift to get into the bed. Theycno l8nfervoutvout “hotel” size soap, shampoo, lotion, etc. Now they put containers mounted on the shower wall, all of which have pumps that are out of reach for me. The handheld shower was mounted so high on the shower wall that I would have needed to be over 6 feet tall to reach it. I had to ask a front desk person to come to my room and disengage the handheld part and leave it hanging down so that I could reach it to shower. Tte commode was nit really handicapped height (one in lobby restroom was actuslly higher) and the handrail was rather small in size and went behind the tank which seemed useless. I use a walker and/or a power wheelchair and trying ti enter ir exit tte room wss nigh on to impossible due to the immense weight of the room door. I was told by another hotel manager that was because it was a fire door. I dsid tgen a reasonable accommodation needed to be provided for handicapped rooms because it is impossible to be sitting in your chair while trying to open the hotel room inward to leave the room because of the extreme weight of the door. Oh, and my room was a king and due to having had a broken neck and subsequent syrgery folkiwed by a titsl shoulder replacement I am unable to enter a bed except from the right side as you face the bed while standing at the foot. The bed was so close to the wall there was not enough toom between the side of the bed and the wall for my walker to fit so I had to almost crawl up that side of the bed, then get up on my stool and then usevmy left lift to get into the bed. Needless to say my 2 nights were miserable nights. I have reoea53dky t9ld various hotel managers that when building or doing major remodeling they should have at least one physically handicapped person on the design committe because I do not care what ADA says, until you have walked in my shoes you don’t know crap about how to design a room and bathroom for me to use. Just like the huge rage to mount toilet tissue into those gigantic holders on the wall of the bathroom stall, yet the bottom where the tissue is dispensed is slmost at the darn floor and I don’t know about y’all but my arm does not bend backwards in the needed direction to reach up inside to try to find the end of the damned roll of tissue to get it started. Tge obrs I love are tge handicapped stalls with handrails mounted on the walls around the stall but they are out of arm’s reach. I have had personal experience with 2 different places. Thst hotel where I stayed in Knoxville had the handicapped stall door (lobby restrooms) opening outward (it shouid) where I almost knocked a young woman into the wall because she was standing at the sink washing her hands. I had no idea sfe was there; the did not leave enough room for the door to open outwards without knocking 9ver whirver might he using the right sink of the 2 provided. Also, they placed the trashcan directly in the path of the door opening into the restroom. If you were standing there getting ready to throw away your paper towel and someone opened the door to enter you would be hit.
I sometimes believe we need some folks designing these places to have some common sense along with their fancy training in design. Grrr!

I’ve had them take the box under mattress out.



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@dmdixon1971 your name in the travel forum will not impact your ability to book with us- don’t worry :slight_smile:

You should call ahead and ask the hotel if they would take the legs off the bottom of the bed and put the mattress and box spring right on the floor. They’ve done it for me several times already. That’s why they have a maintenance crew and housekeeping.