Bermuda accessible by cruise

My wife and i recently traveled to Bermuda on enchantment of the Seas out of Baltimore . The boarding was easy and fast . Service on the ship was the best ever. Bringing your own scooter on allows you so much more freedom.

Once we arrived in Bermuda and where of ship we found it difficult and unsafe at times to get around the dockyard area. The area by the fort aka history museum is lacking cut ins for wc and scooters for the sidewalk . At times you must ride in the street which is dangerous

Almost all businesses are wc and scooter friendly. The clocktower mall has a original brick style floor and can be rough on your back. However, the Italian restaurant will have the best gf pizza you will ever have in the mall. It is a bit expensive but so worth it.

A free shuttle is available to take cruise guests around the dockyard with limited mobility. Collapsed walkers and wc. However they can not handle people on scooters. It runs from approximately 8 a m to 6 p m

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Thank you for the excellent info on the Bahamas. I will be visitythere on my cruise next summer with my grandson. I use a scoot for my mobility and now I can make my plans to remain safe and comfortable when we visit.

Yes. I have found that shuttles in most ports are not scooter friendly. There are not enough accessible shore excursions, either. Some excursions have no stairs to negotiate and you can put your scooter under the bus in the luggage compartment if you are able to get up the steps into the bus. I found the shuttles in Victoria BC to be very accessible as the double decker buses into town had ramps and most businesses were accessible.

Thanks for the info on Bermuda. I was quite surprisrd to find very good accessibility in Cozumel, Mexico. I had been rhere priir to taking my granddaughter as a colkege graduation treat. By that time I was using a mobility scooter full time. When we exited the port area yhere was a lady directing taci services for incoming tourists. Seeing ne sge immediately summoned a young man with an accessible van. He took us to the downtown area as we wanted to shop and to have lunch in the area. We were able to make arrangements with him to meet us at a specific time and place later in the day for transportation back to the ship. He was very knowledgeable and gave us a wonderful narration about the history and current starecof education, ecinomy, etc. I had bought a ring st a jewelry store on the main steeet and told him I would need to return later in the day to pick it up as they were sizing it fir me. He took my granddaughter to the store amd went in with her and told them they would need to deliver the ring to my ship. He told them seeing as I had spent the money to buy tte ring they should not have an issue delivering it without charge and they agreed. The downtown area was very accessible on my scooter and at each intersection the sidewalks had been refine to have wide curb cuts made so that going from one block to another was quite easy.
I was pleased in that the ports our ship visited and on uther cruises I have experienced throughout the Caribbean I have not had issues in getting on and off thanks to the crew members on Holland America. I will also suggest anyone wishing to take off ship excursions talk directly to the excursions staff as they are the most familiar with the specific tours. Had excursions suggest I not try a specific tour in our stop in South America as it is basically a non accessible train and it was very hot and humid and I was told the folks on site were not trained to assist anyone. I gave been all through the various sites Eastern and Western sides and in some instances the restaurants and bars have tried to accommodate handicapped persins and it may mean a freight elevator to take you up a floor but they were trying their best.
I wss very imoressed on my two week. cruise/inland trip to Alaska. Ipon jeaving the ship in Anchorage rvery mide of transportation was accessible not only to me in my mobility scooter but also to a young man who was confined to a very sophisticated power chair. The bus taking us to the hotel then from the hotel on the next day to the train was equipped to carry him up in a lift to the bus’s back aisle where they had locks in place to lock down his chair. Tge bys kneeled si tgst I wss abke to hse my gokfing csne to reach tge handicapped seat directly behind the driver while my scooter was filded abd pkaced in baggage area ubder the bus. The train provided both tge yiung nan in his chair avd me in my scooter a lift to take up to the first floor of the train. I chose to leave my scooter parked there. There was an elevator to provide both of us access to the 2nd floor where his chair could be locked into place and where I could access airplane style seating but with more leg room. Both the restaurant and the restrooms on the 1st floor were accessible. The river cruise we took whike in Fairbanks was accessible as was the bus tour through Denali Park. They did advise me not to take my scooter nor my rollator as the only stop where we could get off had deep gravel and would not work well with either of those. The obe stop was mid way abd a ranger station wuth separate bathroom facilities. They did provide me with a manual wheelchair and our bus driver pushed me to/from restroom.and gift shop. I have had Holland America take me down to the lowest level in order for me to safely get on a tender to reach the port. In all of my cruises there has only been one port thst I could not visit and that wss one in Alaska and it wss because at that particular tine and day tge tide was extremely low abd the angle of the gang plank was so steep it was unsafe for me to ride a scooter on it. People who had walked down were holding on for dear life and those returning were having an extremely difficult time pulling themselves back up to return to the ship. I hope to be able to continue to travel.

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You will find the cruise ports are o k when it comes to access. Once you get out in the islands it is be very cautious. If possible have someone go ahead to make sure you have access to a sidewalk. Nassau is sorely lacking this

I was on a b2b new england canada bermuda in october. Tender into newport and finally after 3rd try into bar harbor. It was a nightmare into both. Due to politics in bar harbor rcg will no longer be stopping in bar harbor after 2023 . Newport refuses to upgraded its tender facilities and rcg will not be going back. Portland remains to be seen after today. I will do a post on this cruise later