Best accessible cruise lines

Whych are the best accessible cruise lines

I prefer Holland America Line. Tget gave veey nuce handicapped accessible staterooms and their public handicapped restrooms are the best I have seen anywhere. You mash a button for the door to open and it allows plenty of time for your scooter or chair or walker to enter before door closes itself. Tyen yiu van kick it. The restroom has plenty of space to turn and maneuver abd there are pull down grab gara on both sides of vommode wgere yiu can use left or right or both. After washing your hands you unlick door and you then oysh button that opens foir abd allows you plenty of time to exit before it shuts itself. The crew members are so very helpful. Whenever I leave the ship on ny s iotee ttey help me ve safe getting off and back on. Once 8n St Martin we used tinders to go ashire. They took ne diwn to tge crew jevel to boars tte tinder so I didn’t have any issues with getting on and off. Only once in AK did tgey recommend I nit fet off because the tide was exceptionally low abd fabgplabk was at a very steep slant going ashore abd tgey weee afraid I would not be able to control my scooter’s descent nor get back up the steep incline to return. Even able bodied people were having to come hand on hand on rails to return. Excursion folks are very helpful in telling me what I will be able to handle re excursions vs those that are nit suitable. Thr crew members ars so goid to me in the casual dining areaa. As soon as I park my scooter soneone is there asking to assist me. In the formal dining room I am assisted to my tabie and my scooter is parked nearby. In the theater there are handicapped seats available. I hace oniy traceled HAL except one trip on RCC. No crew nembers ever offered me any assistance at meals in casual area and my granddaughter took care of me. In 8ne oublic restroom thr ine handicapped stall was directly vehind tte doir to tte gallway so yiu had to wait to make sure no one was entering before you could rxit stall or stand a chance of getting smacked by the door. I did 1 Carnival cryise but befire I used a scooter but it’s for a young, singie crowd. I won’t travel now except HAL

I prefer the suites on the Disney Cruise line. We have had everything from interior room to exterior room with a balcony. All of them had a room that worked with a wheelchair and bathrooms that were actually accessible. Also, all of the events on the ship was accessible.

We have been on two cruises with Celebrity (Alaska and Norwegian Fjords) and I found the staff to be very helpful and the ships set up well for a wheelchair user. They also had a variety of accessible shore excursions available for the Alaska cruise.

It’s not just the cruise line but also the ship. All of the main cruise lines try their best to accommodate those with disabilities. However, the older ships may not be as up to date on the features such as cabin doors that automatically open and certain decks you can’t access with a wheelchair or scooter. In addition, some cruise lines won’t take wheelchairs and scooters on tenders. The major cruise lines have Special Needs Departments that can answer questions and provide you with information on their ships. I use a scooter and have sailed Celebrity, Princess, MSC, NCL, Holland America, and Azamara, I prefer Celebrity with Princess and Holland America tied for second,

We all have our favorites. I cruise multiple time a year since retiring in 2011. I love doing the long cruises and been very fortunate to do 14, 16, 28 and 36 day cruises onboard Carnival and Princess. I always book a fully handy accessible room everything from interior to mini suites. Wonderful experiences with the room, accessible handicapped bathroom in common areas. I found the staff helpful and attentive to all my needs from carrying my plate and drinks up on Lido buffet to the MDR staff making sure my table accommodates me sitting on my scooter to eat. I have seen many amazing places around the world on the cruise ships. Enjoy your cruise traveling.

Princess cruise lines offer a waitlist if the type of cabin you want is currently unavailable. We are going on a 20-day Caribbean cruise in January, that was fully booked when we tried to reserve a balcony. I asked to be placed on the waitlist, shortly after final payment an accessible balcony was available. They sent me an email notifying me.

We have sailed on 3 cruise lines in the past - Carnival, Norwegian and Celebrity. Of those, Celebrity was the best hands down. While the Norwegian had a lovely suite their booking policy made it very difficult to get to the shows on-time and their theaters did not have handicap seating.

Celebrity was a dream. Great rooms. Wonderful helpful staff. Good security (my teenage son tried to get off the ship with us or his older cousins and security stopped him and contacted us. We had not been in touch with them before.) They were really on the ball.

We have been advised by our friends who cruise often that Holland America is really good. We plan to try them on our next cruise.

I reserved a wheelchair accessible room from Carnival but I couldn’t get the wheelchair into the bathroom.