Best airlines in regard to accessibility?

From a member of our community:

We will be traveling to Denver and I’m very nervous about how to handle my mobility problems in airline travel. I can’t walk long distances or stand for long periods of time. I will be traveling with my husband, 11 year old son and emotional service animal.

Is there a specific airline that most travelers have positive experiences handling their physical limitations?

I have had wonderful experiences on Delta and Jet Blue. Most, if not all, airlines provide wheelchair assistance to and from the gate. Just let them know when you make your reservation. Good luck.


We use Delta with no issues … Plus they even set up wheelchair transport from curb to gate and back… best to call airlines since you have a service animal

I use a rollator, braces and a cane when not using the rollator. I’ve had no problem with Delta and your Spirit.
Tell them your needs when you book your flights. Request seats upfront ( you should be able to use the first class rest room).

They will provide a wheelchair and assistant up to the gate and from the gate.

Good luck!

I have had no problems on airlines. I also cannot stand for very long and cannot walk far distances. My advice: get a wheelchair as soon as you get to the airport and have one of them take you thru check-in to the gate, Keep the wheelchair with you. The gate personnel will take you to the airplane first to the plane and get you off last. I always get an aisle seat as that is easier for me to get into. I have no experience with a service animal.

My favorite thus far has been Southwest. In my experience, their service is better than AA, Delta, Jet Blue, and Spirit (never, ever fly Spirit). If you call ahead and say you have a service dog, they’ll reserve a seat for you in the front bulkhead. They’ll also help you arrange wheelchair assistance to/from gate in their chair or yours. They’ve helped me get my bags AND get into a waiting car. While most airlines will do these things for you, Southwest is the first airline I’ve flown where I’ve never felt like a buren to the staff. They treat me with the same professionalism, courtesy, and friendliness as their other, less work-heavy passengers.

I completely understand how you feel bc I’m having similar feelings about flying to Miami this Thanksgiving. Thx to everyone with info bc I needed it too! (((HUGS)))

To answer your questions I’ve flown 2x before but it’s been 15yrs and pre 9/11. No I’m not scared of terrorists, or dying. I’m scared of the airport losing and damaging my scooter, the only legs I have. Losing my luggage and being nekkid for a week bc there’s no Wally World on the boat! We’re going to the Bahamas and lawd if we ever get there it won’t be soon enough! Once I flew to Denver and odd as this may sound, I loved that airport! You have to understand, where I live, our airport might have 3-4 planes maybe 5 at the same time. It can be called “international” only bc Delta has a hub there. So to see that many planes in and out of Denver was amazing! Sure I’d been to NOLA, Dallas and Atlanta seeing various people fly out. We flew out of Atlanta but DENVER? Man that was so smooth! No worries like I have this time. Too much chaos makes me feel like something is wrong. My family calls it me hitting the panic button. I’m not “hitting” it, I’m beating it like a redheaded stepchild!

We’re having trouble finding a flight home so I have no idea what airline we’re flying on. I tried to solve the problem by myself Memorial Day 2018. On Memorial Day 2019, I was mega frustrated that we had missed our anniversary and were about to miss our 1/2 year mark, which we did. We still don’t have plane tix! Our anniv is why we’re going on the cruise. It’s Jan 10, 04 yeah 15yrs and counting! T
Not being able to come back doesn’t seem to be an actual PROBLEM to me, but my husband who has to go to work, will say otherwise. We have a running joke about going home via FedEx bc it’s got to be cheaper and a whole lot less complicated than trying to get a flight! One way or the other we’ll get there by 10:30 the next morning! :wink:

FREE ADVICE : If you go up Pikes Peak, which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND for you to do, even if it’s the hottest day of the year and making record breaking heat, TAKE A JACKET bc it’s cold up there! Not freezing like you need a wool coat or something but you will need something more than a flimsy Tshirt on. Unless you’re from AK (in Southern that’s “I’ll ask her”), Iceland, Greenland, Upper North Canada, Santy Clawz or an Eskimo, I wouldn’t wear shorts! :cold_face: