Best travel scooter (my first) to go everywhere (on and off the paved paths)

It turns out I have an abundance of FSA money to spend by the 1st. As my knees no longer have cartilage my wife and I have decided a mobility scooter may be the best way to spend it. I can still walk short to moderate distances, but I am slow. I also can’t stand for more than a few minutes at a time.

Anyway, I am looking for a scooter to keep up with my wife while we are out and about (which we plan on doing more this year). I have about $1000 (maybe up to $1500) to spend. I’m looking for one of the disassemble scooters for easy transportation. The big hangup I have is figuring out which ones might be good for going off the if not beaten path, the paved ones. So like onto trails in state or national parks (I guess, part of the problem I am having is defining the circumstances I am thinking of) or cobblestone. I am favoring a 3-wheel for nimbleness as I think can compensate for stability.

Anyway, I am looking for something that can go pretty much anywhere flat and firm, is easily transportable, has a decent range, and doesn’t cost to much. So are there any viable recommendation or am I asking too much (and if so what would be reasonable and me most of what I am looking for)

Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions.

That’s quite a list of requirements. Have you considered a donkey? Hard to disassemble but plenty of other benefits.

Can’t afford the upkeep, thanks for the suggestion.

The pride mobility scooter is good but not in heavy rain or snow as its frame welds are not up to heavier use. Lighter though 85 pounds total, breaks apart in 4 pieces heaviest 26 pds. Fits in a trunk easily. More than 1500 though new, get a used one, check on battery, good battery life should take you at least 10 miles max speed 3.7 mph( fast walking slow run) . Taken trips all over Canada, us and Europe with little issues. Drive a Victory now a touch bigger and faster.

I am new to mobility issues but also can’t walk very far nor can I stand for more than a few minutes. I was recently given a Pride 4-wheel scooter like the respondent above has, and it’s great. Obviously works best on hard surfaces, but manages on gravel it if’s not too steep. Before getting this one, I rented a three-wheel scooter in Spain and found my new 4-wheel model is much better, with more traction. As I usually travel alone, I’m working on figuring out how I can bring it with me to Europe and still manage to get it transferred from place to place. If anyone has experience with solo travel with a scooter, I’d love to hear from them. Meanwhile, best wishes on your search.

Best travel wheelchair I’ve encountered.Weighs 50 pounds.
Folds and unfolds easily, and fits in (almost) every trunk. Even compact cars, and I’m a regular Uber user.
They have a rent to own program.
The owner uses and helped design the chairs
They have a less expensive version for regular use.

Hubby uses the EZLite Cruiser with the all terrain w/larger wheel upgrade. It hasn’t stopped him on any trails except once on a wet rocky trail in Juneau AK. He started skidding. But hubby is a fairly big guy. I am sure his weight had something to do with that. I got a larger rain poncho that covers the bottom and protected the battery from getting wet from the bottom as it is not a completely waterproof system. The battery lasts 10miles, you have the ability to attach a second battery though airlines only approve of one. I have trouble keeping up with him at the fastest speed. His Deluxe Wide model weighs about 70lbs with one battery and is powered by two wheels. It folds like a large standard stroller. I can lift it alone into the back of our KIA Sorento but maybe not forever . Currently, we are looking for a lift that will help me in the future. The cost is higher than your budget, and Medicare doesn’t cover it but I promise you, you will be able to go most everywhere with this machine.