Bucket Lists for Travel


Bucket List for Travel

Wow, it’s now 2019!

What better time to open up a Topic where everyone can share their “Bucket List.” (What’s a bucket list?)

This is a wonderful way to share travel ideas!

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Daniel & Spouse’s Bucket List so far
(In no particular order)

  1. New Hampshire (bring camera for amazing photography!)
  2. Massachusetts - all the great U.S. historical sites
  3. Niagara Falls in Canada and Toronto
  4. Wildwood NJ beaches in the summer, visit the boardwalk
  5. Raft down the Delaware River
  6. Pray at Rachel’s Tomb in Bethlehem, Israel
  7. Take my son camping somewhere gorgeous that he’ll never forget
  8. Harry Potter World in Florida
  9. Whistler, B.C. (springtime for trails)
  10. DONE: Visit the castles where Harry Potter was filmed
  11. DONE: Visit Seattle’s ‘Space Needle’

What’s on your bucket list?

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Great Topic Daniel!

Aside from Alaska and Hawaii Jeanne and I have 4 states left to visit before we’ve been to them all in the continental United States. Of course, mine are on the west coast and hers are on the east coast. She was born in Los Angeles and I was born in Baltimore. We’ve traveled a lot! When our son was younger we used to go to a lot of swim meets and just take him to visit places all over the U.S. Soon, Jeanne will retire (I hope) and we can start traveling again. My places, in no particular order…

  1. Australia
  2. France, specificly Normandy and Normandy American Veteran Cemetery.
  3. Poland That’s where Jeanne’s ancestors are from.
  4. England That’s where my ancestors are from.
  5. This on is going to sound funny but I always wanted to be on a parachute behind one of those boats in the Bahamas. I think that would be so cool!
  6. Another strange one… I’ve always wanted to Bungy Jump. I’m not sure if my bolted together body would take it when the rubber bands got to the end but it would be interesting for sure!
  7. This one is going to happen soon… Get back on a motorcycle. I want to get a Honda Gold Wing. Jeanne says it’s too expensive. I agree, $30k + is a little much for a toy. So… I took her on an outing where she got to ride a bike for the first time and she loved it! The first thing she said was I want a scooter! I said cool! I want a bike too! This summer we’re going shopping and we’ll see what happens. I’m not sure what I’ll be able to hold up with only one good leg but we’ll see. I may end up with a scooter too.
  8. This is the biggest. Round the world cruise. There’s no vacation like a cruise. Waited on hand and foot and everyone always smiling. I love taking cruises!

Okay group, let’s share! What’s your bucket list? What are your dreams?


Thanks, Hilton. Wow, nearly all 50 states! I’m so jealous. Your combined calculation reminds me of a professor I once had. He would jokingly say to us, “On average, my wife and I run 5 miles a day. She runs 10 and I run none.” :laughing:

I did the parasailing thing – though it was in Seattle, not in the Bahamas. Haha. It was SUPER peaceful up in the air. It was like arriving at the top of a big hike where there’s a view, except you’re by yourself so no distractions from companions…plus, you don’t have to hike to get to the top. The wind in your parachute just takes you up. Then it’s just you and the sky…


I can imagine the parasailing is just like sailing on a sail boat image.

That’s one of the things I miss being in the middle of Texas now. It was so nice sailing around the harbor in Baltimore and then out in the bay. It was just so quite and peaceful. I will be so happy when Jeanne retires!

I shared what your professor said with Jeanne and she just busted up laughing. That’s great! Thank you for sharing. I need to share it next time I go to see the neurosurgeon. I’m sure he’ll get a kick out of it. Last time I went to see him I wore a shirt that said I had back surgery and all I got was screwed. It had a picture of a big screw on the front. That was when they put the second set of rods in. I think it was surgery #6. Either way, he got a kick out of it and had never seen it before.

Have a great day, sir! Again, thank you for starting this thread and I wish more would contribute. It really brings a smile to my face.


I laughed out loud with that t-shirt.

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Ok Daniel here’s my Travel Bucket list in No Particular Order.

  1. London, England because my baby brother lives over there and knows The Royal Family because of his job. I want to meet
    the Duchess Kate Middleton.
  2. Spain
  3. Ireland
  4. Australia
    5 Alaska Cruise
  5. European Cruise
  6. Niagara Falls
  7. New York City
  8. Washington DC
  9. Hawaii
  10. Nashville,TN. during CMA Fest which is usually the first week in June every year.
  11. Winterpark, Colorado
  12. Disney World hopefully during the Christmas Holidays for a week.
  13. Canada
  14. Memphis, TN. to go to Graceland during the holidays
  15. Paris, France depending on the tourist/terrism climate at the time.
    There’s more but these are the main specific places I have wanted to visit as an adult.

This is my adult Bucket List.


You know @gracejellybean, you could probably line up a few of those bucket list items into one big trip.


That’s a good idea. I had figured on doing what my mom did when she went to London the last time. She rode the bullet train to and from Paris, then somehow worked in a 3 day trip to Spain. She was abroad for 2 weeks total and did so much. Another time her and my Stepdad went over they did a river cruise for a week.


I think the two things that help pack in a lot of travel into one trip are:

  • Very organized planning (including backup plans for certain days)
  • Don’t sleep in! Save the sleeping in for a different type of vacation, or designated part of your trip.

Of course, sometimes a family member will need to sleep in for health reasons or what not. That’s why those backup plans come in handy. :smile: