California accessible rentals

I need to get my daughter who is in a wheelchair from Burbank airport where we fly into up to a Spina Bifida Camp in Lake Hughes, CA which is an hour north of there. I need to get get her there on a Sunday and pick her up on a Thursday. I don’t know if I can rent a vehicle just for the day each day or what other options there are because I don’t want to pay or have to drive it around in LA that week while I stay in the state while she is there. Any ideas or companies people know could help, please let me know.

I believe your best option would be to rent a car for the day. There’s a company called Letsgo2. They’ll pick you up and take you to Lake Hughes, however you need to return to wherever you’re going to stay. Or may want to book a round trip.

I would ask the camp administration as I think they have probably dealt with these type of needs before.