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We are big campers. Any campground related info would be great. Thanks.

I camp at Sterling State Park in Monroe Michigan. They have scribble camping stalls if you are renting or brining an RV. They also have 1 accessible cabin. The cabin has a ramp at the entrance and an accessible shower. It’s a superb campground.

We rented an accessible cabin at Caddo Lake in Texas that was very accessible. It had 2 bedrooms so we took grandkids. We went on a boat tour and visited the little town of Jefferson which has a couple of museums that were at least partially accessible. It is also close to Shreveport if you want to dip into Louisiana.

Travelability recommends:
I’ll Try following candy Harrington at emerging horizons Candy B. Harrington, Author at Emerging Horizons

…Or where Ashley Lynn Olsen has reviewed hundreds of state and national park campsites.

Hi, I’m Pinky :fairy:; one of Your Forum Moderator’s. I wanted to help offer a couple of camping suggestions I came across recently while helping someone plan a trip to Yellowstone.

Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado; they have some great options for accessible camping. Plus the Park Services have 3-wheeled All-terrain wheelchairs you can borrow to help make exploring easier. Three of the Five campgrounds in the park have Accessible Camping Campsites; Moraine Park, Glacier Basin, and Timber Creek. They allow you to reserve up to 6 months ahead of time and I highly suggest it as I have read blog posts of it selling out fast for the summer and fall season.

Moraine Park::

  • Four reservable accessible campsites are located in the A Loop.
    Accessible parking by accessible campsites and amphitheater.
  • Accessible amphitheater.
  • Accessible restroom adjacent to campsites.
  • Accessible picnic tables at accessible campsites.
  • Raised fire grates at accessible campsites.

Glacier Basin: (They were closed for the 2022 season for some reason and the info is not being displayed about which campsites are accessible. Usually this site is open year-round; but be warned, absolutely no hook ups for anything.)

Timber Creek:

  • Four first-come, first-served accessible campsites are located in the B loop. Accessible campsites are set aside for campers with disabilities until 6:00 p.m. each evening; if not filled by then, other campers can stay in those sites for the night only.
  • Accessible parking by accessible campsites and amphitheater.
  • Accessible restroom.
  • Accessible picnic tables at accessible campsites.
  • Raised fire grates at accessible campsites.

And Know for Yellowstone…. They claim that each of the 12 campsites thoughout the park have at least 1 accessible campsite, but I only found specific information about 2 of them; however I did find some alternative accessible lodging that is in the park, just not in a tent.

Goose Lake Backcountry Campsite (05D)

  • The site is located between Madison and Old Faithful, is 1.5 miles from the Fountain Freight Road trailhead.
  • The campsite is held for people with disabilities, or for people traveling by bicycle until 4 pm each day.
  • After 4 pm, the campsite is released to be booked by the general public.

Ice Lake Backcountry Campsite (4D3) (Having issues finding link to this one, you may need to contact park and see if goes by another name.

  • Ice Lake backcountry campsite (4D3) is maintained to accommodate wheelchairs and has an established tent pad, and accessible pit toilet.
  • The trailhead is between Norris and Canyon.
  • The accessible trail is less than one-half mile long.
  • Individuals traveling with a wheelchair may require assistance along the trail and within the campsite.

Now if your more like me and you are more into Glamping, Yellowstone National Lodges has several options across all of their properties in and around the park with Accessible rooms. Some of the amazing properties they have with ADA accessible rooms are the famous Old Faithful Inn and The Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel , Canyon Lodge, Old Faithful Lodge and Cabins, Lake Lodge Cabins, Old Faithful Lodge, Lake Yellowstone Hotel and Cabins, Roosevelt Lodge and Cabins and Grant Village. BUT… I have read in a lot of places online that these hotels book out way ahead of time, so if you are needing lodging; I would not hesitate checking availability ASAP.

If there happens to be a specific area of the country you are interested in, just let me know and I would be happy to snoop out a more specific campground for you. Sometimes they have the sites, but it doesn’t show up from general browser searches; but I have a couple tricks for digging up that kind of information. Hopefully some of these might work for you too? There are some lodges and campsites that are also winter places you can stay; so both parks offer you year-round access.

Please come back and share with us too where you ended up camping if you don’t mind? It would be so helpful for other fellow campers on here and I would love to hear your experiences.

Happy Camping,
Pinky :fairy: