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Can a mobility scooter make it up to Clingman's Dome observation tower in the Great Smoky Mountains?

My wife and I are traveling to the Great Smokey Mountains next week. I am interested in taking some sunrise/sunset pictures. One spot I’ve read about is the Clingman’s Dome observation tower. I know it is a paved half-mile trail that is described as a steep hike.

I have a Pride Go-Go 3 Sport scooter. Has anybody been here and know if the scooter would be able to make it to the tower?

Thanks for any advice.

I’ve only walked up it, I’m not sure I’ve seen a scooter go up it, it is quite a slope but with the right scooter and power behind it it should be, id make sure the battery was fully charged and a back up just in case as it ma take more power to get up, hard part is usually coming down, some folks get to walking or running to fast. I will ask some others I know that have been several times and have a better answer for you. I’m in the smokies right now plenty of places for me to ask about scooters and Clingmans Dome.

It’s pretty steep. I doubt your scooter will make it. You can see a lot from the parking lot. And a lot of days it cloudy at the done top. I have a scout scooter with the heavier longer lasting battery’s And I didn’t take mine up!

From a group member of a smokies group I am in:

Absolutely not. I worked for The Scooter Store for 11 years, and we sold all kinds of scooters and power chairs, including GoGos.

The user will damage–or ruin–their GoGo, and possibly get injured. It’s a very steep incline and would be very hard on the unit both going up and down. I would be worried that the auto-braking could go out on your way down, assuming the user could even make it to the top. If that happened, the user could easily get seriously injured or even killed.

I’d suggest they enjoy the very beautiful views from the parking lot.

I’m not sure where exactly u are going but u did mention that there are steep hills. When I took mine through the redwoods in CA. It stops abruptly on steep inclines. Then u have to wait for it to almost reset before it will start again. I don’t recommend it.