Can I travel by myself?

From a community member:

I have cerebral palsy and cannot speak vocally. So can I travel by myself?

Good morning. Can you tell us how you normally communicate in your daily life so we can answer your question? I am immediate thought was “Why not as long as you are comfortable being alone on a trip”?

If you have other means of communicating, you can. If not, I would not advise.

I have a friend who has a YouTube channel Abroad Ability, she also has Cerebral Palsy, but she also travels around Panama. You should check it out

Think about how you manage at home. He will have a heightened awareness when you travel but you need to discern what you are independent with and what you are not. What do you depend on and can that travel with you.
Foreign language individuals live among Americans every day. It amazes me how they get by without “communicating“. So I don’t think the communication is the issue. To me it’s the severity of your cerebral palsy. Again, what do you depend on and can it travel with you or be arranged in your travel destination.