Car rental company

Hi, I am looking for car rental companies for wheelchair. We are traveling g to LA and want to rent a car where I can go in with my wheelchair. I can not get up and out of my wheelchair. Thank you

I’d like to know also…

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Look up mobility works in los angles. It seems to be the only one i could find that has would you would need

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Accessible Vans of America have locations in different areas. I was able to rent a wheelchair/scooter accessible van in Anchorage, Alaska for next summer. Good Luck! Sue Hoffman

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Try calling these guys.

I have no idea on price but they have a good reputation.

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We call them wheelchair accessible vehicles here in Australia.

They are available at most capital city airports.



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Sounds like you need to rent a wheelchair van…
I googled “wheelchair van rental Los Angeles “
and this came up

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There used to be a car rental company called Wheels around that operated in several western cities. Thy rented wheel chair accessible vehicles and would meet you at the airport to show you how everything worked. I have used Mobility Works in Maryland and they are okay, but have a limited amount of cars.

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Wheelers Accessible Van Rentals You can check out their website OR Cal 1-800-456-1371
They have tie downs and Handicap sticker.

Wheelers Accessible Van Rentals are a good choice. We use them in Las Vegas and have been happy with their “no contact” business model, which allows them to provide these vans at a reasonable price


Handicap Rental Vans | Wheelers Accessible Van Rentals


](Handicap Rental Vans | Wheelers Accessible Van Rentals)

If you can’t or prefer not to use the “no contact” method, Mobility Works has rental vans.

A Chrysler/Dodge mini van could help you. The stow and go will give you a perfectly flat floor behind the front seat. I carry my Travel Scoot scooter there all the time because I can’t walk.