Comment on FAA regulations re:Airline Seats

The FAA is seeking comments from the public on the minimum size dimensions of airline seats required for safety. Specifically, they ask if the current regulations have, or could demonstrably affect the safety of air passengers by delaying the group egress time of an emergency evacuation. They did not include disabled people, or people over 60 in their study.

To comment, go to Federal Register :: Request for Comments in Minimum Seat Dimensions Necessary for Safety of Air Passengers (Emergency Evacuation)

Be sure to read the request carefully, and when you’re ready to comment, click the green Submit a Formal Comment button at the top right of the screen. Make sure you identify yourself as a disabled person, and stick to the topic.

The comment period ends November 1, 2022.

I am over 60 years old, I am actually 73 years old and am disabled. Yes I fill the the size/dimensions of the airline seats effect leaving in an emergency would be difficult my existing. There needs to be more distance between each row so it would be easier to move fast getting to the aisles.

@theresa.nicholson , DONE :white_check_mark:. Thanks for posting the link!!

Thank you for sharing this link - hoping the comments and feedback work towards a more accessible future!