Continuous oxygen question


How does a person travel who is on continuous oxygen. My mom is on oxygen, my husband and I are also disabled, But I am finding it a struggle for my mom to travel I think it would help her depression she barely gets out of bed and has bad eating habits. We would take her on vacations just oxygen is a problem and flying is not an option using oxygen.


In answer to your question about traveling while on oxygen…
Have you considered asking her Doctor about portable oxygen? They make oxygen back packs for people on continual oxygen. It weights about 2-3 lbs. And goes on your back.
We are in the process of doing it for my stepdad. He can’t take more than 6 to 10 steps without
. losingg Hing breath


Sorry, for some reason my answer cut off.
As I was saying, my stepdad can’t take but about 6-10 steps without losing his breath. He’s been on a concentrator for about 3 years plus he does breathing treatments a couple of times a day. It’s just not enough and he can’t take the concentrator with him because it’s huge and it doesn’t fit everywhere it needs to go.
So my mom took him back to the Doctor yesterday to request use of a portable concentrator (I think). The doctor agreed that he needed to be getting more movement than just going to the bathroom.
We are hoping this allows him more freedom to get out and about so we can travel again.
I’m not sure if this helps or not but I wish you the best of luck.
My mom and I are also disabled so we had to find something he could use himself.
Good luck!