Cruise lines that WOW the disabled


I’m interested in knowing which lines/ship staff bend over backward for disabled, especially those of us with invisible limitations. Are there any?


Hi! I have found mass market cruise wise, Carnival will be very accommodating to any disabled passengers. They have a Disability Liason onboard every sailing, I recommend you contact them when you arrive. The Guest Services Desk will have the info you need to make contact.
On more premium lines, you sometimes have a butler and/or a conceiarge that can fulfill any and all requests!
Might also want to consider an “All Abilities Welcome” Group Cruise. These are understanding and helpful, and fun!
Contact me if you need any further information.


My experience with cruise ship travel with our disability I’d the Disney Cruise line. Short story about our experience is probably the most positive travel experience we have ever had. From the time we called to book to arriving at the docks to being taken to our stateroom, the care and concern about our well being was first and foremost on their minds. The stateroom was totally handicapped accessible from the roll in shower to barrier free balcony. The travel around the ship was easy. Our dinner stewards were amazing and totally attentive. After the first night, they knew what we would want before we asked. Made suggestions for meal choices that were fantastic. Bottom line, the Disney family of of resorts and cruise lines are as good as it gets. We have had the same experience with Disney World resorts.


I have found Celebrity to be the best for me. I have MS and sometimes use a wheelchair, Walker or cane depending on the day. Lines at food venues and entertainment are minimal with lots of handicap seating available. Our room steward was excellent for keeping us stocked with lots of ice for our meds. The beds were comfortable and there was always someone to help or guide us along the way.


Yes. I find Holland America does wonderful. I am a 3 star Mariner having cruised with them quite a few times but even on my first trip the crew bent over backwards to help me. I have had them assist me going ashore by tender by bringing me all the way to their crew level in order to make it easier. I have had crew members push me in my scooter up the gangplank when the motor didn’t want to climb that high of an incline. I usually use a scooter and other than dinner I dine on the Promenade at their more casual venue. I usually arrive by scooter and park it in an unobtrusive location and use a cane to get to a table. When I decide what I wish to have for breakfast or lunch a crew member is at my elbow and carries my plate, etc back to my table. By day 2 one of the crew will be able to tell you my preferences as to beverage and I even had one “save” me some blueberries because he knew I liked them and they were not on the breakfast line that morning because they were more or less out until they restocked at the next port. I went on one cruise with Carnival and found their accessible bathrooms lacking. The one near their dining room was inadequate. That’s another thing on HAL, their restroom facilities for handicapped were excellent. I took my granddaughter on a college graduation cruise on a Roual Caribbean ship and their handicapped restrooms were not very accessible and tge handicapped stalls in their normal restrooms were difficult to access. Their casual dining facility was difficult for me because I was in a scooter and could not see names of the various foods. Mo one ever offered me so much as to carry a glass of water to my table, etc. I was on my own. My granddaughter and I had breakfast in our cabin, lunch off ship and ate in formal dining room at night. I also find HAL is very helpful in booking my cabin so that I have handicapped accessibility.


Can you send me the info. It is hard finding a group that can help. Husband is wheelchair bound.

Thank you


Here’s the current group cruise dates
January 27, 2019
November 10, 2019
December 14, 2019
January 11, 2020
If you can attend any of these dates,
E-mail All Abilities Group Cruises at for further info
Thank You for Your Interest!


Is there a website for your group/company? I tried a search and couldn’t find anything.

For info on future cruises or to get on the interest list! Lots of understanding, activities, bonding.


Any dates late April early May 2018