Cruise travel in Florida

I wish to rent a mobility scooter/wheelchair for a week in February. Any good suggestions ? This is for a cruise travel.

We have used Scootaround many times. They will deliver it to the shop for you. Ask if they bring it to the terminal or your cabin. On our coming cruise this winter it is the cabin. You’ll need to deal with getting into the terminal and through the line to get in. Call the cruise line and discuss your needs. They probably have a fast line which helps if standing for a long time is an issue for you. I don’t know if they have wheelchairs to lend. Have a great trip!

I think you can rent them through the cruise line

Check with your cruise line as to which company they deal with

I am sure there is a durable medical company that deliver’s a scooter for rent to the port. I would call the cruise line.

ScootAround - 1-888-441-7575 and Special Needs at Sea - 800.513.4515 will both deliver a scooter to your cabin. Neither will deliver to the port. Contact the CruiseLine’s’ accessibility department and request a wheelchair be made available at the port. We have done that 2 times this year.


HI, this is Marco.
Yes we can help. Manual Wheelchair cost $135.00 for 7 days. Scooters run from $210 up.
we only pick up and transfer you to your destination. Back and Forth.
We will provide Scooters in near future.
deMarco Transportation or call 3057428887

I use Special Needs at Sea. I ask tyey out it ibto jy stateroom and pick it up from there but they will meet you at the port if you need it to board. The longer your cruise tte cheaper the per day price. They have all sizes of scooters and other medical adaptive equipment. You will find them available at all cruise ports. They orovide scooter ahd charging unit. I always pack a power strip and I plug my scooter in while I sleep. I once received mine in Ft. Lauderdale and after a 22 day cruise through the Panama Canal and up to Vancouver snd Victoria and back down to Seattle they picked it up there.

You can often get a manual wheelchair at no cost from the concierge abourd the ship. You must be quick though. There are only a limited number available especially if you need a special size. Be sure to contact the cruise line of your needs when you book passage.

If you want to rent a scooter or power chair, try an organization called strong text****Special Needs at Seastrong text. They will have your mobility device and any other items you can rent waiting in your cabin. You can get a wheelchair from the cruise line to get from the terminal to your room.

** I used Scootaround, on my cruise down the Mississippi. Really made the trip much more enjoyable. They do deliver directly to the ship and pick up from the ship. You cannot deviate from The drop off and pick up locations. Depending on your size your weight speak with a representative for Scootaround and they have various types you can utilize. Depending on where are you going on the cruise in the US or abroad depends on the type of chair you will need. Some scooters have small wheels some have very large wheels. Make sure you ask for a scooter that has very pliable wheels that make the trip nice and comfortable. Hard plastic wheels i’m not as comfortable as the large rubber wheels. Depending on where you’re going with the terrain is bigger wheels the better. My scooter is 46” long, 26” wide. It is a legend pride and rides beautifully. Do your homework check around and get the best scooter for your trip.**