Cruises + Caregivers question (and swimming with dolphins too)


I have stage 4 Sarcoidosis and am in a wheelchair or scooter. I can only travel with a caregiver who must stay with me 24x7. Do I have to pay extra for her if she sleeps in my room? I also can not fly are there any cruise ships that leave near Delaware? Do they have Doctors on board? 32 inch door ways and hallways? I would love to go on a cruise before I die to swim with a dolphin! My dream…


miriam. I have had to pay for second person in my room so assume you would as they will eat etc. Check with access desk for NCL. I travel on scooter or wheelchair doors in HANDICAP accessible rooms only will they fit in my experience. Plus roll in shower and lower closet etc. But the ADA rooms are snatched up quickly so ask for one immediately even if not sure your going to keep reservation somewhere around 30 or less ada rooms on newer NCL ships. Port close to Delaware could be Baltimore less then 2 hour drive, NYC and Liberty Park NJ. (depends on cruise line) There is a fully equiped clinic with xray, advance life support, nursing as well as physician but very expensive. I would highly recommend travel insurance with medical coverage as medicare/medicaid doesn’t pay once offshore. Include plane evacuation coverage Look online under for options. Often better coverage and less expensive then what ship offers although ship plan easier just give credit card and done. Hallways can be narrow and linen carts are difficult to get around if you are able ask for cabin close to elevators so less obstacles everytime leave room. You can rent medical equipment and O2 from companies delivered to ship. Hope this helps it took me awhile to figure out what I needed. Most staff are sensitive to ask to help during cruise the guests on the other hand can be rude and difficult like with elevators not moving to give you another inch or two or holding door. Just make decision and reservation then work out details. Keep eye out for drop in price if you need to but make reservation early as possible gives you time to pay in increments and work out your needs.


Closest cruise port to you, TO THE BEST OF MY KNOWLEDGE would be Baltimore or NYC. Whichever is closer.

Don’t know about caregivers. Call specific cruise line Customer Support.

I am sure swimming with the dolphins will be awesome.


Dearest Mirium,
The advice you’ve been given is all accurate to my knowledge the only thing I would add is you might stay open to various Cruise lines. My best friend who’s a double amputee and I who have Degenerative Joint Disease and have had 48 surgeries to keep meobile and functioning are both traveling with Carnival Cruise Line in April of 2020.
We made the reservation so far out to allow us to make payments on the Carnival Easy Pay Program. They’re putting us in a Fully Accessable Room with 2 twin beds to allow for wheelchair usuage and storage in the room. This room has wider doorways and a handicap chair bathroom.
They have been super nice. Documenting our issues on our reservations and helping me set up everything from parking and shuttle reservation to boarding help notice so we aren’t in extra long lines waiting around. They are going to walk us through the boarding process.
So, my little piece of advice if you have a Carnival Port near you, I’d check with them too. We are leaving from Galveston, Texas and Cruising for 7 days to the Western Caribbean Ports of Cozumel, Grand Cayman island, and Montego Bay, Jamaica. With
2 sea days in the beginning and 2 sea days at the end of the cruise.
As for Shore Excursions we are still deciding. We think we are going to “Freestyle It” in Cozumel and shop. Then we are unsure what to do in Grand Cayman and we are going to do an All Inclusive Resort Day pass at Sunscapes Resort and Water Park. They have all the water ammenities, like snorkeling and kayaking in the ocean. Then swimming in one of the 4 pools. 1 of which is Adult only and has a swim up bar. All your drinks and Food is included. They have a quick grill area for burgers, nachos etc. Then around lunchtime a gigantic Buffet, Kids Buffet and Dessert Bar.
We are super excited. Please don’t get overwhelmed by it all these Cruise Lines have Agents that get paid to help you plan your trip out and work to make it easier for you! If your unhappy with one or unsure ask them to hold your reservation for 2 days and check out the other one.
I know both Carnival and Norweigan Cruise Line both have Easy Payment Plans. I’m not sure of all the others.
Hope, I’ve given you a little more food for thought…
Happy Cruising