Cunard Queen Mary 2 cruise bait and switch of an ADA accessible room

We arrived in England via Cunard Cruise line on the Queen Mary 2 and what a disaster! We booked an ADA accessible balcony room (because I am paralyzed from the waist down with no function below the waist), and we spent so much of our savings on so we could have this once in a life time European vacation and the only accessible rooms were at an exorbitant rate. Once we waited nearly a hour for wheelchair assistance from the port to the boat, the horrific experience began. I entered our balcony room in my wheelchair and to my surprise I could not access the full room because the bed and couch were so close to each other for me to pass by in my wheelchair, then the balcony didn’t have a leveled ramp for me to access, (but I paid for a balcony room that I can’t access), the bathroom had a very small shower bench that I could not sit on safely even if I could access it, the space the bench was in was too small for my wheelchair to line up with for a safe transfer - they bought in a portable shower chair that was suggesting to be put on the opposite side of the shower bench and the shower head was so far away from where the portable shower chair was that it made it unsafe for me to reach for the water controls but still NO space for my wheelchair so a safe transfer was not possible, then they had a faulty grab bar that hit me in my head when I touched it, (I had to seek medical attention twice because I already have a traumatic brain injury so my anxiety was through the roof ), lastly the heating/cooling system was broken and the room temperature, (according to maintenance with a thermometer), was 90 degrees. They refunded us $1,500 off what we pre-paid, (approximately $5000 and moved us to a large suite that was accessible but with no balcony, it had a broken jacuzzi tub, the shower bench was super low to the ground and situated behind the shower heads and so I still needed to get the portable shower chair to use so I could face the water not to have only my back have water running on it being as though I have a catheter it needs constant cleaning, they also gave us paid gratuities and covered the 2 doctors visits. I have videos of all I have mentioned above please contact Cunard on my behalf so I can see if their is anything they can do in reference to this advertised “ADA access room” because we have a pre-paid suite on our return trip where we paid double, approximately $10,000 and before debarkation we went with a Purser’s officer to the suite we have reserved from our return to New York and the bathroom is smaller then the balcony room we just sailed on and my wheelchair is bigger than the shower space so no possible way to use the shower, again no access to the balcony because the ship does not have access ramps on ANY balconies on the ship and they took pictures to send to there home office but my concern is they have over a month to make this right before I am to sail again and I want them to address the issues now. This feels like false advertisement, non- compliance and discrimination. Their accessibility team said the rooms are “ADA compliant” but obviously they are not. This isn’t my fault as I have called their accessibilities team on numerous occasions before sailing and even called two days before sailing with more questions and just a follow up as the cruise was booked July 2018. I welcome advice and any suggestions to have my return sailing relaxing as this was suppose to be a relaxing vacation from all the medical and other life stresses we deal with on day to day basis.

So sorry to hear about your trip that should have been amazing.

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I think you should report this incident to ADA

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Sorry you are having all this trouble. I know how hard it is to find handicap accessible accommodations, even after asking all the right questions. I’m sure this will be if no comfort to you, but Cunard Line is a British–American cruise line based at Carnival House at Southampton, England, operated by Carnival UK and owned by Carnival Corporation & plc. Their website states they are registered in Bermuda, but the U.S. Department of Justice has ruled that Foreign-Flag Cruise Ships Are Generally Subject To United States Laws When They Are In United States Ports Or Other Internal Waters. I’m sure you agree that the “American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) has a lot of holes which need to be addressed. The interpretation of the rules leave a lot to be desired. I wish you luck with your return trip.

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ADA doesn’t always fill the bill. I had a I didn’t at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. I phoned ahead asking for a wheelchair asselssable room I was given a regular room there were no other rooms available. I fell off thei5bed which was too high. I yelled for three hours and my service dog barked at me door. Noone came to himself one. The paramedics were called and they lifted. E up. I got up and they were sorry and comp me three days stay. My bruises didn’t show up until the next day. My walking was worse I had to hire a full ti.e nurse. For rest of .y stay the vacruined I left Vegas on DeltA and they ruined my 20000. Wheelchair in their cargo. I was taken by ambulance to the hospital. I stilldo

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That is an absolutely horrible experience at a high price and yes, I agree that is totally false advertising. Not sure what can be done but maybe if every one who reads this will write something on their website and also on their Facebook page it will get Cunard’s attention

I gave a good friend that despises this cruise line. She and her husband were booked transatlantic also at a high.price and their cruise was shutting but pleasant. Snip had just been in drydock for upgrades and refurbishment. They could not drink the water on just but had to have bottled water because the water lines had some type of oily residue running through them. Even showers did not go well and she said they never felt clean. Then ship got into a really bad storm and rather than go around it continued right through. The storm was so rough people were being thrown out of their beds, some even suffered broken bones. The dining room became a disaster because najed were losing their fishes, etc.due to storm. Everyone was getting seasick for to tough seas. She said it was the most miserable trip ever. When they got ready to get off in Europe (they were flying home) her husband was offered a $1000 voucher for each of them towards a future cruise. He stood up and tore the pieces

of paper into small shreds and threw it at the Cunard rep and told him never again would they ever fail with Cunard so I am not so sure they really care. Please enjoy your time in Europe and hopefully they will accommodate your needs on the return trip especially if a group of folks write even a sentence or two

I found bringing situations such as this to kihhtbon social media (Facebook, etc) does more because it is so widely viewed. I had similar situation with a hotel when even using a walker I could not even get through bathroom door, room had a huge step up to a actually get into this "handicapped accessible " room, toilet had no grab bars and was low to ground, etc. I emailed and sent photos and nothing. I did it a second and still no response so I got angry and copied my entire email with photos to their Facebook page and in less than 30 minutes they responded and apologized and offered me tons of bonus points which I declined because I told them it would be a cold day in hell before I stayed st any of their locations. I also booked well ahead by many months and called to reconfirm and even at checkin desk clerk assured me this was a handicapped room. They were booked solid as was every other hotel around because of the port and the various ships leaving that weekend so I had no where else to go. Good Iuck and enjoy yourselves for the next month


Thank you and I would appreciate a few lines on any of their social media platforms

I posted to the Cunard FB page and they responded (not so well). Others should post as well so they see the power of the community.

Cunard Hi, our accessible cabins do have ramps to reach the balcony, and have wet room style shower rooms to allow easier access. Our standards cabins however do not have these ramps, or those style bathrooms. Please do send us a private message if you need to discuss this further, but we hope this has helped to give you some peace of mind.

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Wow :open_mouth: Is it possible to post the link to the fb page so I can follow up on your comment?

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we posted our comment to piggy back on your comment

Tyffeni I read about this too! It seemed awful. The wheelchair didn’t even fit in the bathroom, and they had to move them to a bigger room? How can you advertise something as accessible if they aren’t even large enough for wheelchairs?

Tyffeni And the ramp on the balcony was too steep to be safe. So disappointed, my expectations were very high for this company. I feel absolutely horrible for this couple and what they had to endure.

Cunard Hi Tyffeni, we are sorry to hear you are also distressed. It seems very likely that the guests booked the wrong type of cabin, our accessible cabins do have wider door frames and shallow ramps to access to the balcony, where our other staterooms do not as mentioned in our previous comment. If these guests wish to get in touch privately to discuss the matter then by all means they can do so.