Curbside portable ramps

does anyone know of a good portable curbside ramps that are adjustable and easy-to-use for getting out to patios or balconies etc. I have looked all over and can’t find one that looks easy to use/set up
thank you in advance Eric

I forgot to mention that I have made trifold, one. I am just looking for one that is aa little smaller. Thank you for the awesome response that I have received on this topic. I hope it can help others in well

Try they have a large variety of ramps. Good luck!

Eric, look for light weight aluminum folding ramps. I’m putting a picture of one I had. And look for used even cheaper. This one folds in half and has a handle. Good luck.

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This aluminum folding ramp is what we use with a 18” wooden crate we had made for our daughter who is paralyzed from the waist down, to transfer to her mini van. We also use it to use as you were saying. Because not every home has a ramp.

I agree with other responses. The folding aluminum suitcase ramp is what we use. It’s very easy. A 3’ ramp should get you over 90% of curbs, thresholds and stoops up to 6”. Any taller a stoop, and I’d recommend a 4’ length. We carry both.

We have what is probably the same one as well. The handle is GREAT and it’s soooo lite & easy to use/store.

I’ve always had good luck with portable ramps from Alumi Ramp. Light, easy to manage, lots of different products/sizes available. Keep a set in the trunk for those “just in case” moments.


For a truly portable, lightweight solution I rely on these telescoping ramps from Reudamannramp:

has anybody ever heard of this brand of ramp before?

Check out a company called SpinLife. I got my electric scooter from them, plus a couple of small ramps. THey have larger sized ramps.