Dallas to Galveston transportation service

From a community member:

Hey, I have a question do you guys know of any transportation service that can take me and my husband from Dallas area to Galveston, TX (it’s about a 5 hour drive) so that we can catch our cruise?

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Do you both need wc or scooter transportation?

I googled it. They have several bus lines that run from dallas to gavelston. Advertising did pop up for wc transport service . Not known where they are located. I do know that royal and carnival have shuttle service you pay for from Houston. I am not sure from dallas. You may want to check

I know Dallas has a nice Amtrak train station, and Amtrak does have wheelchair accessible cars. You might want to check their schedule from Dallas to Galveston. If you decide to do that, leave extra early, because the trains do not run like clockwork and are often late. Good luck!

Southwest flies from Dallas to Houston Hobby… almost makes sense to go that way (probably cheaper, I just checked and fares run between 80 to 90 dollars each way) Probably much simpler to get transportation to the airport, fly down and then get transport to Galveston from Houston