Decent Hotels in Galveston, Texas near the Port


Well, we did it! it’s official! We are going on the Carnival Freedom :passenger_ship::sunglasses: :grinning::ocean::sun_with_face::parasol_on_ground:
on April 19 -26, 2020. We are Cruising out of The Port Of Galveston, Texas. 7 glorious day’s of fun in the sun! :sun_with_face::sunglasses:

So, The game plan is to meet up then drive down on the 18th and stay in a hotel get up, eat breakfast, then drove over to the ship and unload our luggage, park and get onbooard the ship, eat again and relax!

Hey everybody,according to my Cruise Countdown I’ve got 407 days to go! I think theres still room if anybody else wants to go…

So, whats our delima? Where to stay the night. all the hotels i pulled up were ungodly expensive or undesireable looking or not part of a chain.

I already learned my lesson once about staying in Galveston thinking ok, i got a good deal and its walking distance to the ferry, something we’ll take advantage of. It was Horrible. The key only worked sometimes, the refridgerator didnt work at all, there were bugs in the bathroom, :money_mouth_face:: :spider::ant::scorpion: the pool was green… We ended up checking out and going to another hotel on the Sea Wall. I jut don’t want to start my week off that way.

Please let me know if you know of a decent hotel or a chain there i know they have several resort style hotels on one end of the island but they are around $300 for 1 night. I kind of wanted to have spending money for my Cruise.

Thanks in advance,

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You’re lucky you have your own transportation. I was seriously thinking of going until I found out there is no accessible public transportation from Houston, not even a shuttle. I suppose I could fight it and probably win, but my trip starts in 40 days so why bother. Shuttle and taxi companies think they’re above the law, even one that is almost 30 years old. I wish the DOJ was more proactive instead of reactive in enforcement. Imagine if DUI’s were treated the same way. If nobody reports you, what’s the problem?

End of daily rant.:face_with_head_bandage:


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Dear Jennifer,

I am happy to recommend ( not I have booked places to stay throughout italy, Alaska and recently Germany and Switzerland . I have never had a bad experience and you do not have to get expensive places. You can use my name , Linda Fengler, as a referral. Read the members ratings of the places. They are very accurate. You can ask for handicap rooms and they will be truthful as far as their accessibility . please enjoy your cruise!


2395612350 .


Dear Stephan,
Are you going on a Carnival Cruise? If so, Carnival offers shuttle service from the Airport to the Port. They will pick you up along with your luggage and if you use a chair/scooter as long as you give them notice so they can send the appropriate shuttle to get you.
You can go to the Carnival Hub or Website you use to manage your Cruise bookings and find the information. You have to let them Know ASAP. I think it’s like $40 each way.
Just a thought, maybe you could catch the shuttle at the airport?
Hope you figure something out. We are coming from further away. My friend is coming from Shreveport, LA. and I am coming from Palestine, TX. We are going to meet up in Marshall, TX. and drive down the day before. We are afraid to do all that driving on Embarkation Day, so we thought we’d be safer staying the night in Galveston. But, I’m thinking we may end up in Houston. So far I haven’t found anything I like. The nicer hotels are running upwards from $207 to $300 for 1 night. If your in Houston and have any recommendations please send them my way.
Hopefully you can work something out.
Good Luck,


Jennifer this sounds amazing!

I hope we get to see some cool pictures of you guys enjoying the cruise!

As for hotels…I found several chains in Galveston that were closer to $100.

HEADS UP: I searched for March 18 of this year (2019) since our booking engine can’t search more than 365 days ahead at this point. But should give you an idea of price levels for that time of year.

Search for Hotels in Galveston - April 18, 2019

For example:

By the way, our new search results design lets you filter hotels by Hotel Chain.

For Houston…

  • Here’s a $88/night Hilton Houston Galeria Area that’s closer than anything in the heart of Houston (it’s 25 miles to Galveston Island instead of 40 miles).

I’m so excited for you. :grin::passenger_ship: Have fun!


@gracejellybean Hey, Jennifer. Guess what?

Great timing! Our wonderful community blogger, @ajw89113 Aileen Walsh recently returned from a Royal Carribean cruise out of Galveston!

We’ve just published Aileen’s fun blog post about the Marriott in South Houston that she stayed at prior to her cruise. :smile:

Check it out!


Thank you so much for your help in this matter. I have a little clearer idea about where to stay now. Now I have to figure out where to park for the cruise, There are a bunch of options but, I don’t know if we park at the more affordable ones and shuttle over if the shuttle will be able to carry a wheelchair with all the luggage and passengers. For that reason I am afraid I an going to need to use the actual Port Parking across from the Cruise Terminals and pay more. I am using my parents truck so I don’t trust just leaving it in an unsecured hotel parking lot. All the Cruise Parking areas have gated access and security guards and cameras. Plus, they offer both covered and non-covered parking spaces and the shuttle and luggage service.

If anyone has any experience with this subject and can offer feedback I would really appreciate it so much.

Thanks again for the hotel information and Thanks in advance for advice on the Parking situation.


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