Did you go to a mobility aid showroom in Indiana?

I’d like to see what is available before i buy. Anyone else go to a showroom first?

Absolutely. You can see a lot online but you can’t get a sense of space or angles. A good salesman can also recommend other products that you are unaware of that other customers have purchased.

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Hi @waxingturtle1 !! Emily here from accessibleGO. I love the idea of a true showroom, I haven’t seen or heard of a true showroom, but I have a couple of options that might come close.

The Ability Expo is as close as you’re going to get to that experience. The Ability Expo is a traveling convention that showcases all the latest and greatest in disability advancements, mobility aids, services, you name it! The down side - the next time they’ll be in Chicago is June 2023, which might already be a far drive for you. They have an online portion that I would recommend checking out, but nothing can replace that in person experience. Abilities | Serving the Community since 1979

My next option is going to your local wheelchair service company. I use National Seating, and they have quite a few options in person when you go to visit. It seems like they have quite a few locations across Indiana. The employees there will at least be knowledgeable in getting what you need and showing what options are available for you.

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