Disabled senior singles

Are there any groups or places like this where one can find other senior singles that need their wheelchairs to travel?


Great topic. Well, I’d bet AARP has events and groups that might fit the bill. Probably more focused on senior rather than handicapped – but I bet they think about this.

I’ve been thinking about Cory Lee’s organization and their annual International trip – not senior per se, but definitely hadnicapped and definitely travel.

I’m just 55 but a recent widower and was just hearing about travel groups for the widow(er) crowd – again probably not handicap focused, but I’m interested in checking it out.


Need personal aids too

I’m interested too! Particularly people living in the southwest (Arizona/California).

I use a power wheelchair for travel and I do have my own personal handicap van. I do not need assistance, what I need are the handicap accessible vans and buses and modes of transportation when I get to a destination. I would like to take more but most of them are not handicapped accessible.

Same here. When I traveled to Washington DC I was very pleasantly surprised as many of the vans that were available, just like taxis, had ramps for handicap people visiting. It was fabulous, my family and I could go almost everywhere. Some of the top restaurants had no availablity for wheelchairs. I wish more cities and destinations places had that. I went to my daughters wedding in Puerto Valarta, it was terrible. The resort is really not prepared for people in wheelchairs and as a matter of fact things were so poorly marked I literally fell off of my power chair right onto my face with an unmarked step and sad to say the resort did not respond very well. I had to wait until I got home. I would travel more if it was possible to find transportation at the destinations. I was hoping this group would have information on places, even within the United States and Canada, that made it enjoyable for people like us.

@ccshoppe - Thank you for sharing about your experience and we are sorry to hear about aspects that were a struggle. We have various Travel Ideas Articles and blog posts by community members. We send these out to the community regularly. We also have City Guides and accessibility resources available for out Top 30 US Cities. You can see the guides and resources for Washington, DC here.