These adds that tell us these rooms are accessible are NOT ones listed in Sea-Tac airport Seattle Wa. Are not ADA. Very miss leading and poor business of this blog or group to say features - features doesn’t work. The rooms need lower beds hand rails in bathroom, toilets higher. Floors smooth. False advertising please fellow friends read the fine print. Features doesn’t mean anything!

This is why you look at the pictures or call the hotel first before booking. When in doubt dont until you are sure. They may fit some ada guidelines but not your needs. Everyone is different

Hi @spaalaska - Thank you for sharing your feedback on this location. From what we see, you did not book through accessibleGO. In the future, we’d be happy to help you through our complimentary accessibility confirmation service. We offer this to individuals who book through our site.

Our community would also greatly benefit from an accessibility review on the property. That way, they have this information when they are exploring locations to book. We will send the link to you via email. Thank you, again, for sharing such crucial information with everyone. We know that finding hotels with truly ADA rooms can be a challenge.

Calling hasn’t worked for me or photos @ Seattle airport. Traveling from Alaska and tired. So have just dealt with false advertising on the phone. I’m buy passing Seattle now. Sad for me a very seasoned traveler :nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face: