Discriminatory Pricing for ADA Room?


If a hotel has two rooms, one ADA and one regular, with the same beds, amenities, view, etc. can they legally charge more for the ADA room because they claim the bigger bathroom and possibly room sive means it’s a more expensive room. I have paid more several times for this reason.


No they cannot charge more for an ADA room. If they are file a complaint with the manager first and also with the Department of Justice


Don’t know about legality but I have noticed more recently that accessible rooms seem to be priced higher. I often use apps for different chains and/or travel apps like hotel.com, hotwire, etc. and some do not provide enough info for me to decide if a room is accessible for physical disability vs hearing disability so I end up having to call to find out details. I tave also noticed that in some chains their accessible rooms feature physical needs like grab bars around toilets, walk-in showers but they also have hearing features like flashing doorbell lights, etc. I get upset when I am put onto an accessible room that has a tub in the bathroom vs a walk-in shower. They seem to think that by throwing up a half dozen or more grab bars around an existing tub they have an accessible room. I’m sorry but I still cannot get over the side of a tub. I have surveyed many of my friends, most who are not handicapped, and found that money of them ever use a tub when traveling; they want a quick shower whether it’s business or leisure travel. Like I said I really don’t want to use a tub that thousands of my not closest friends have used. Yuck!


I have noticed the same thing and wondered why should an accessible room be more than a regular room. There is really not that much difference between the rooms except when it comes to bathrooms.


I would have to say I agree. My husband and I travel for my medical care and due to the difficulty I have with balance and medical conditions. I to also found that the hotel chain I use increased their prices for handicap rooms as high as $15.00 a night. It leads me to believe that it’s happening because of the increased size of the room and more to clean??? I did recently call a hotel to the table on this and was told that they can charge what they want. It’s a shame that if it has anything to do with medical, handicap, special needs or what ever the situation companies do not care about the disabled but find it ok to increase prices for profit.


We’ve been going away the past few weekends and all the accessible rooms have cost more. There was a way for us to get around the price increase and that was only if there was one available when we checked in and then it was given to us at the same rate. I think it’s silly to charge more!


We went to San Antonio, TX last year and their accessible rooms were located in the corner and were actually suites with one of the best bathrooms I have seen. The only bad thing about it were the beds (a rock is softer) but hey, if you like that the room would be perfect. I tend to look thru a discount website and then call the hotel and ask them what they mean when they list the room as “accessible” which works out a lot better. Anyway the room was the same price as a non-accessible room (always check the price and most of the time can get a better deal calling the hotel directly). If they charge you more and it is a chain hotel, call the headquarters and complain to them. It might be the local management making that policy and not the chain itself.


I’m going to San Antonio in April. What hotel did you stay at?


Great question @scstdenis! From what we’ve researched (mind you, we’re not lawyers), businesses are not allowed to charge extra for ADA rooms or other services such as accessible shuttles (assuming they offer non-accessible shuttles to everyone else as well).

See this ADA.gov learning module under the lesson “ADA Compliance Costs and Tax Incentives.”

To quote:

ADA compliance costs

Businesses may not charge people with disabilities extra to recover the costs of complying with the ADA. These costs should be viewed as a business expense, like other expenses that make up a business’s overall cost of doing business. However, there is another way to offset some of these costs.

It appears to me that if the hotel has two rooms that are identical, except for the ADA compliant features, both rooms must have equal pricing.

What is the hotel supposed to do to cover this legitimate expense for their business?
They must consider it like any other general expense that’s not specific to that ADA room.

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It was the Best Western Sunset Suites - Riverwalk, 1103 E. Commerce Street. It is about 2/3 blocks from the Riverwalk mall. It is located on the other side of the freeway from the mall but I did not have any problem with my wheelchair and my husband rented one the scooters available all over downtown (and ended up being faster that my chair). Make very sure that you are okay with very hard beds before you make a reservation, the rest of the hotel was quite nice.


In my experience is the wild west out there you must call the hotel directly, not a central line because centrally they have ñò clue about room.
Technically not supposed to charge more but I suggest speaking 1 òn 1

My two cents