Disney Parks in Orlando


Question from a community member:

What Disney park In Orlando is wheelchair accessible, with chairs available to use, as well as up front parking without using their trolley?


All of the Disney parks are wheelchair accessible and have wheelchair rental available. Ride accessibility varies with some rides having a separate entrance and some requiring transfer. Googing “Disney ride accessibity” will turn up articles with specifics for each ride. I can’t speak to the parking situation since I used the Disney bus system.


Here’s a ride by ride list:


All of the Disney parks are wheelchair accessible and I believe have some there to use/ rent for the day. Not all of the rides are accessible, unless you can transfer. Some rides you are able to stay in the wheelchair, but others, you must be able to transfer. There is ample handicapped parking in all of their lots. It is still a fair distance to walk. All of their buses are also wheelchair accessible if you are staying at a Disney resort. There are several that are nreasonably priced. We stayed at All Star Sports and had a room with a roll in shower, etc. Then we were able to just take bus to any park we wanted. Since their changes in policies about 5 years ago, there is no “pass” for those in wheelchairs to always use the Fast Pass entrance. Everyone must use that system or just wait in lines. The Fast Pass is not an extra cost. Any person with tickets to Disney Parks can use them.


All parks are accessible for wheelchairs and scooters. With handicapped parking insignia you can park closer to front of lot but we still shuttled and as I recall there was no trouble loading my scooter. On one occasion I had a rental scooter from an independent provider and on one time I had my own. The parks have scooters for tent, however, you cannot reserve them so there is no guarantee they will have one available. I was always afraid to depend on there being one available plus I wanted a scooter I could use 24/7 and both inside and outside the park. I always thought it would be my luck that a particular park would have an inventory of 100 scooters and I would be customer number 101. I rented once from a medical related supplier (they delivered scooter to the rental office where I rented the house we were using and I returned it to same where they picked it up; on another occasion I rented from a company that rented scooters and that’s all they did). I also took my own at one point as I have the trailer that attaches to my car using my trailer hitch. Each time I went to Disney World I was more than pleased as the staff went out of their way to be helpful. It used to be much better than now. Years ago if you were handicapped the staff would take you and members of your immediate party to front of the line for rides, etc. But, it seems that in order to avoid lines people were “hiring” people to act handicapped so they could go to the front of the lines so DW ceased moving handicapped to the front. However, staff are always helpful and if a ride began at point A and ended at point B, my scooter would be relocated and waiting on me at point B. They helped my scooter and me onto train (Magic Kingdom), onto monorail (multiple times and locations), onto bus for trip through Serengeti, onto ferry, etc. They helped me on and off any and all rides. It is the most handicapped friendly place I have been.

I hope you enjoy your visit.



Sometimes if you go to guest services you can receive a disability pass for extra fast pass usage. It depends on the cast member I assume but they are not supposed to ask what the disability is, however they asked us. You use it along with the regular 3 you get but you go to any ride you want and ask for disability fast pass then they tell you a return time to come back it’s between 10 minutes to two hours depending upon the wait for the ride and passes are good for the entire party too. We live here and just learned about this trip so I wanted to share with you all.