Dissabilities that can´t be seen v.2.0


I saw a long thread regarding invisibile dissabilities, but no one mentioned “The Sunflower Project”. So, I would like to do that.

I can only encurage everyone who knows someone with an invissible dissability to “promote” the project. Mention it to your local supermarked, mall, cinema, religious house, etc.

And I will advice anyone with an invisible dissability to order a sunflower string.

I can tell it has been a great success in Denmark, where everyone knows what the sunflower string means. So, people know to be a little extra patient and helpful when they see the sunflower string.

So please promote the project in your local community, to raise the awareness of invisibile dissabilities. The website also contains info about air travel and “sunflower airports”.

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Some airports give them free. I keep mine handy. Zero words on it so it’s safe for everyone.

And that is brilliant! Zero words also makes it universal.

Did not know about the airports, but I can see you are right. Good to know.

I wonder why there is no Sunflower card for multiple sclerosis (MS). Does anyone know the reason or how I can suggest inclusion? Thanks.

I believe this covers all invisible illnesses or diseases.

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Thank you @bambusrejser for sharing this with everyone!