Do people feel comfortable traveling alone?

I’m curious to know people’s thoughts on traveling solo. If you’ve done it, do you have tips and tricks for how you approach it? What have you found that works? How do you feel about it?

I’m definitely interested in hearing all perspectives!

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besides suffering from ALS, I also have social anxiety (probably caused by my time in the military). Before my disability I traveled for work and leisure and I PREFERRED to travel solo. Something about “groups of people being stupid.”


Ive done both but prefer people- at least one person- in case of emergency or just to have someone to share memories with. I use a power chair and there are times when having a second person has been very helpful.


I used to travel solo frequently before Covid. I have never taken a cruise alone. I do fly a lot alone. I either get an uber, taxi or rent a car (I don’t need hand controls just room for my wheelchair which folds) I usually take my manual chair and rent a power chair if I need one. Sometimes I get stuck and have to think outside the box to get help but I find most things work out if you are able to be independent and flexible. Occasionally a bed in a hotel will be too high or the shower challenging but for the most part it works. I usually research activities before I leave but I have learned not to depend totally on the answers because what other people think is accessible is not always


@sylvia1345 this a great answer, i love it. would you be up for sharing some specific times you problem-solved when alone and having to think outside the box? i am intrigued! :slight_smile:

Shower-Was able to get them to find me a regular chair that fit in the bathroom next to the shower so I could sit in that and then stand in the shower using their hand bar.
Meals called for uber delivery when I could not find a restaurant near the zoo I wanted to visit. I have also had uber deliver medications from pharmacy
Airlines-I always ask for assistance, and they will stop and let you buy food if you need it. I always pack extra protein bars and P3 just in case
Hotels- carpets are sometimes hard but if you ask someone will help you. Or if not and you are in a manual chair pushing backward is easier than forward just watch out for people.
I carry a bungee cord to use for so many things, hook my roller bag to the back of my chair, close a suitcase that gets damaged are two
And I always carry extra zip lock bags for things like wet clothes, uneaten food, medication and so many other things. Plus if you put something soft in a zip lock and squeeze out the air it makes them shrink down so better packing.


I’m fortunate in that I can walk a short distance but need wheels of some sort to go more than a city block. I have traveled solo by using airport wheelchairs and hiring drivers, Uber or whatever to get to a centrally located hotel. For getting around, I rent a scooter and take walking tours and travel about on my own, obviously limited by weather and distance. Have done this in Europe and the US. The problem is transporting the scooter from one place to another in a city if it’s very far from one museum to my next stop. I’m not comfortable riding the scooter solo farther than a mile or so from the hotel by myself in most central cities in case there’s a problem. I am considering getting a folding electric chair, which wd allow me to take taxis, especially in bad weather and at night. The problem with traveling solo wd be lifting the battery during vehicle transfers, which I cannot do, and reassembling it at my destination. I’m also leery of trying to use public transit solo where I don’t speak the language. So while I traveled extensively worldwide on my own when I was more mobile, I feel the need to have someone around when I’m overseas. Any advice wd be welcome. Thanks.


:joy::joy: @ The groups of people being stupid in your comment.

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The only few times I have traveled alone were just for a couple of plane rides in/out of state. As well as a couple of bus rides in/out of state. Me being comfortable traveling alone; depends on how long it will take me to get to my destination. As well as the weather conditions.


I’ve been traveling alone for probably the last four or five years and I use a power wheelchair. The first time you go alone you might feel a little uncomfortable especially when you’re dining out by yourself but after that you should enjoy it. I have always found that there is someone to talk to and people on the whole or friendly and everyone is willing to offer a helping hand, so give it a try, maybe for a one night at first to see how it goes, good luck


@derekegarner lololol - i’ve often preferred to travel solo, as well, and used to try to always bring a book as armor against unwanted conversation from strangers (it never worked!), i had to eventually give up.

@ls0647 thank you! it’s so true… just try it out a little to start, one day or night, and see how it goes. that makes it feel so much less intimidating!

@k.bolling79 totally fair! it’s not universal, but depends on context

@sylvia1345, ahh! i find this quite inspiring. thank you for sharing all these examples!!

I am a C56 quadreplegic who was injured when I was 22 years old. I am now 50 years old. I started to travel solo around 30 for my job. When I reached 45 it felt unsafe to travel alone. I was still able to do certain things but I no longer had the the courage to do them. Mainly with transferring from wheelchair to hotel bed. There was a fear that eventually I wasn’t gonna make it and I wouldn’t be able to call for anyone stuck on the floor. Luckily my job at the same time was reducing its travel needs and being married I have had a companion for personal trips.

@sue.volek - These are some great insights. We had a recent post about fold up / lightweight scooters. You can see it here. You can see other posts on the topic here.