Does anyone know where I can rent a wheelchair accessible van in Atlanta

I’m needing to travel to Atlanta and have to rent a wheelchair accessible van. Does anyone know of a place in Atlanta where I can rent one please

Try Braun. Their dealers rent vans.

I googled and found the following. Can’t vouch for any.

AMS Vans 800.775.8267
Airport Van Rental 678.981.7608
Atlanta’s Best Van Rental 770.299.4931
Mobility Works 470.865.6557

There were more listings like Thrifty, Enterprise and others but these were some that appeared to rent only handicapped accessible.

From personal experience I can tell you none of tge regular tentsl companies like Hertz, Enterprise, etc., rent handicapped vans. Believe me I tried and you just get shuffked from one toll free number to another. At one point Enterprise lady at airport rental counter herecin Greenville gave me a number she told me she was given for renting handicapped vans. I tried ut abd soneobe answered hello abd background nouse eas awful so I apologized “wrong number” and hung up. I rechecked number and dialed a second time. Sane respinse and I asked where was this number and it was an airport hangar somewhere in New Mexico. I apologized agsin and called lady at Enterprise and told her to throw away that number and why. Therevis a Mobility Works here but they sell and didn’t have anything to rent. I ended up buy8ng my van in Asheville, NC from one location of a group that specializes in conversion vans. They are headquartered in High Point, NC. I recently had a wreck and car was deemed unsafe to dtive so was towed from site and layer delivered. to body shop. I checjed with ttem about renting a van abd tgey onky had 1 coming available thar next week but it is $150/day. My auto insurance pays standard $30/day so needless to say I did not rent a van. I am supposed to get ny van vack tomorrow. That is 10/14 and my wreck occurred 08/25. Fogure up that amount at an extra $130 per day.
I wish you good luck but I soebt hours and days last year before finding my van and I found nothing. Since my wreck I have had no luck even finding non emergency transportation as in to doctor appointments. I hsve a group heakth policy with Aetna and it took me over a week to find the one company that diescthis tupecof transportation and bills health insurance diescnit accept Aetna in SC. I found several other providers but they only took Medicaid patients so I ended up having to cancel my annual physical and several other doctor appointments because I had no way of getting there. Yet I live in the largest city in the state.

Mobility works is not in Atlanta. So that wouldn’t help. They are in Orlando and other States.

That’s interesting because they have a website that says one of the airports they serve is in Atlanta. Who knows, but at least there are options available…hopefully.
Here’s the website where they say Ability Works:

Try these

I often use wheelchair getaways. It just seemed to be in more locations but its best to get three quotes. Sometimes when you add in the airport pickup charge and drop off, the total becomes more expensive. These are franchise connected by a locally owned so you can negotiate price if needed.
Wheelchair van prices have gone sky high since January. Companies that specialize in sales are making their profit in sales and a side benefit in rentals. Companies that specialize in rentals need to make their profit in rentals. So you may notice who has more wiggle room in negotiating a price.

Hi @gehaney1! Patch from accessibleGO here. Atlanta is one of our Top 30 US Cities which we created city guides for and gathered accessibility resources. You can see all of the information at the following link (scroll down for Transportation resources). Please note, these are only directory resources. We are not affiliated with any of these companies. We hope it helps!

Let us know which company/resource you ended up going with.