Does Lyft app for accessible vehicle works?


Lyft claims that they have drivers with accessible vehicles but we ordered one in New York and it was declined at two separate times. Is this false advertising?


I cant say with absolute certainty, but I personally believe you are accurate. Although i have struggled with multiple disabilities for years, i had a stroke last spring which left me with muscular weakness on the left side, tinnitus and vertigo. I had begun stating this in my requests to both Lyft and Uber. And suddenly, even though i had a history of good tipping etc, i could not get picked up. Every ride would go through three or four cancellations. I finally talked to one, kind driver and complained. He told me this was happening specifically because of my disabled status. He further stated that i should remove all mention of my disabilities from my profile, suggesting the couldnt leave me standing there once they showed up… One problem though. Most vehicles arent accessible…and drivers get rude when you ask for help getting in and out.
In other words, both services are aware of the issues, and have yet to do anything about it. I’d say that at the least it is false advertising.