Ergonomic beds in hotels

How can I find hotels that have ergonomic beds?

Heck to see if hitel has accessibke rooms vir physically handicapped. Yhen you would need to call the hotel direct to inquire because I have never seen that info listed.

Thank you! I was hoping perhaps there was a listing out there. No such luck.

Some hotels will advertise that they have Tempurpedic beds. You would have to call and ask. We usually bring an ergonomic foam mattress pad with us when we travel.

Hi Hopemle, I’m Pinky: one of your Forum Moderator’s. Welcome to the Forum and thank you so much for taking the leap and making your first post on the Forum. As you can see, our members are fantastic about trying to help when they can.

You posted a good question about how to find the ergonomic mattereses at hotels. Only because the hotels have all now gone out of their way to promote how “special” their own unique beds are compared to the competitors; making it so confusing to tell the differences and true quality. From my opinion, this was done for 2 reasons:

  • 1.) They hotels wanted to uniquely brand their beds because they started selling them a couple decades ago to the general public.
  • 2.) They know how to confuse us so well with identical sounding marketing descriptions of the beds; that it’s hard to tell the differences between most of the actual beds once you try them out.

On top of that, you always have to factor in the possible age of the mattress in the hotel, how often its been used, what condition it’s in from it’s prior guests? Now if it makes you feel a little better after that comment, most better hotels will change out the mattresses every couple of years or if needed sooner. They know that if the beds at premimium hotels are bad, customers will easily change their loyalty to a hotel offering what sounds like a better bed and deal.

With the exception of all the smaller boutique hotels (that you would need to check with each one of them about their mattresses), most of the higher end chains are pretty reliable from property to property; especially with the bed. I found for you this article from Readers Digest for you about the “Ten Hotels With the Most Comfortable Beds”, which will review some of those branded chain hotel beds for you.

Now I apologize if I have been rambling on about mattresses and you meant the type of ergonomic beds where the back and foot sections can be raised and lowered? If that is the case, I have to agree with the other forum members because I have only ever seen that in a very expensive hotel suite in Manhattan. If you are ok with a medical bed that can do that? We can usually find rental beds that can be delivered to most hotels in the area and then picked up after your done. Just let us know where you plan to travel and would be happy to find you some rental options in the area that work with the hotels. (They can usually either remove a bed from a DBL room or fit into Kings if there’s room.)

Hopefully one of these guesses of what you are looking for is right? The advice from the members about always contacting the hotel ahead of time and traveling with a pad is perfect. Its exactly what I would have said too. Especially since the airlines allow you to travel with whatever medical gear you need for free. We schlep a giant bag of foam pads and noodles all the way to the Caribbean every trip and never pay an extra dime for it.

Were here for you if we can be of any other help? If you have a specific city you need help finding the best bed, that would be much easier to hunt down for you as well.

Welcome again to our Forum community, we’re so glad you joined us.
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