Experience with Holland America and accessibility?

May have an opportunity on Holland…any experiences with this?

I do not like Holland America cruise line at all. I had a modified accessible room and it was adequate for my scooter but not comfortable. Additionally the entertainment is terrible and there is little to do on board. Choose another line if you can unless you
are very old, want lectures and book clubs. I want fun for my vacation.

With an electric wheelchair or small scooter no problem. Done more then 10 cruises. Entertainment very good. Top Meals. No child’s running in of me. Really enjoy the Spa… a perfect world will never exist.

Ships vary. We’ve been on Holland America a number of times, and like them a lot. The huge spa and heated chaises are wonderful. I can’t speak to the entertainment because we were on an Olivia cruise. They charter the whole ship and bring in women’s entertainment, which is great. I liked the food for the most part. Cabins vary, even HC. Be sure to discuss your needs before booking. They have special needs meetings the first day, and tell you where to get help. Loads of people bring or rent scooters.