Extended stay in central florida

trying to find a house, apt or condo for a month stay in central Florida with handicap bathroom and wheelchair accessible.

Vrbo has accesible setting you can use or call visitors number on state web site

Vrbo and air bnb both have ways to filter for accessibility and accessible features…

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Check woodspring suites on sand lake vistA drive…they are fairly new, clean, adA rooms have lower beds. I visited about a month ago for myself… beautiful building,nice staff

Please have a look at ‘Enable My Trip’. We are a UK Charity formed to match those with mobility challenges with the appropriate accommodation. We have several excellent properties in Florida that would match your requirements. If you want to be away from the main attractions ‘Tiff’s Place’ is the choice. Go onto our website and select ‘Accommodation’ and ‘Florida’. I hope you find something suitable!

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Good Luck. I have trued VRBO and AirBnB and ss soon as I key in tge fukter for wheelchair accessible the choices usually go to zero. My family has starting hetting together between Christmas and New Year’s. My daughter does the house hunting and books the place and we divide the expense. We alternate to go different areas so tge same ones don’t hace to always do the most traveling. In 2021 we did a lakeside house in upstate SC. Sge insusts on ground floor bedroim abd full bath preferably handicapped. Tge hiyse had 2 bedrooms on the ground floor and bath had a walk-in shower , however, beds in noth rions were way too high for me and I ended up 9n dofa in tteckivingcroom and believe me it was not comfortable.
2922 we were in the TN mountains near Gatlinburg. Thr house was a nightmare for me because the main floor had a couple levels. I had tge onky bedroom on thatcjevel but the bath connected to my room was actually up a set of about 6 to 8 steps which I could not navigate. In fact oniy my one skinny grandson coukd get through that bathroom door wuthout tyrning sideways. It had one of those prefab showrr stalls that remind me of a coffin standing upright (going on description as I never climbed the staurs). There was no other vath; there was a strange hakf barh behind the outside door from the kitchen. Literally you opened kitchen door from outside and the door opened in to your right. Once tou shut the doir then you saw the door leading into half bath which sat in a triangle. The commode actually sat at an angle in the corner where two walls met. There was a sink and that was it. My grandkids and spouses had rooms below this floor pkus a TV room and a bath. Upstairs were 2 rooms and baths. No way could I access any full bath. My room was across this long expanse that at one time housed a large rectangular indoor pool which hsd been filled in and floored over. Every time O had to use tge batgroom dyrinv the night I had to walk from my room through thst long room to the living/kitchrn/dining area. Then I had to call my SIL and waje him up to help ne up the step ibto that level so I could go the half bath. Then he had to help me back down to the pool room level so I could return to my bedroom at the opposite end of that level.sinetimes I get up several times in the night so beither of us got good sleep. I had to have assistance every time I came and went berween my room and the living. area. My daughter apologized but no where did tge house description identify any of those levels and I have never seen an attached bathroom that was a half floor above the bedroom. Wd are geading to another location for 2023 and I may have to get a hotel room

We found condos at Orange Blossom Ranch in ZephyrHills, FL You could get into the bathrooms but the height of the seat was different and the shower varied since they are older units individually owned

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