Fabulous Wheelchair Luggage

Hey Everyone, it’s Pinky :fairy: again; your friendly neighborhood Forum Moderator.

Today I bring you something that I hope will solve a nightmare for other wheelchair travelers, that I suffer from all the time with my luggage. I’m not even sure how I got on the mailing list for a company called Phoenix Instinct from the U.K., but I recently got an email about a sale for their luggage trolley system for chairs. Typically I would ignore ads that I don’t subscribe too, but this sounded too good to be true, so I had to check it out.

What I found was the coolest invention. A luggage trolley that fits multiple size bags (you can change them out as needed), that just hooks on to the back bar of your wheelchair. Plus they put some serious wheels on the trolley to be able to go over different surfaces. (Reminded me of the wheels Whill chairs uses.)

Those of you like me, who have tried to balance the bags on our laps or push them in front of the chair while alternating free hands; know what a pain in the tushy luggage can be when we travel. Especially when our focus is more about the safety of our chair while it travels, so we don’t need any extra headaches when traveling like luggage not designed for us,

Saving up for a set myself; so as soon as I have one, I will come back and update this review. But… if anyone else happens to have these or orders them, please come back here and share with us your review of the bags. Would be helpful for everyone.

Or better yet, if you have any other ideas for good wheelchair luggage; please share with us all? My brain is always open to new ideas and inventions to make life a little easier in my wheelchair…especially travel related.

Thanks everyone,
Pinky :fairy:

Check them out on YouTube to see how it works.

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I have not seen this before but what a great idea if it works. right now I either push in front of me, pull along side of me or use a bungy cord. This would be a step up if it works

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I was just thinking about something like this today! My husband and I just came back from Hawaii and trying to travel with my carry on was a major challenge and it put a lot of wear and tear on my seat back. This would’ve made life so much easier. I have to travel again in October so I’m going to check this out. Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for sharing Pinky

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