Fairbanks, Alaska Accessible Hotel Recommendation

Question from a community member:
Can anyone recommend a hotel in Fairbanks?

I recommend the Bridgewater Hotel or Executive Suites.
Both are accessible, just bed height might be an issue. Be sure to tell them your needs before booking and check-in.
Try to stay in a downtown hotel, for convenience.
Hope this helps! Contact me if any further info needed.

I believe it was the Westmark where we stayed when on our cruise. Had a lovely handicapped accessible room and bath with 2 queen beds and the meals we had there were huge. We quickly learned to order small portions at breakfast. That is my only hotel experience there. I will say I was most impressed by their restaurants in Fairbanks. This was way before Covid and they offered Purell or Purell wipes as you entered restaurants or dining rooms. I also noticed when tables were bussed the staff doing the cleaning didn’t use a dirty dishrag that had been wiping off all of the previous tables; the bussers used disinfecting wipes to clean the table and another to wipe off salt and pepper, etc. The seating was also wiped clean with a wipe. I mentioned it to my traveling companion and she started looking for the same. On board ship they always have offered Purell or Purell wipes amd during first 48 hours and last 48 hours while on board the staff serves your plate whether it be a salad bar item or a buffet type meal in an effort to curtail any contamination. Again, this is standard pre-Covid. Fairbanks was where we first noticed this use of antibacterial wipes ; I am not sure of other major cities.

Hi Sam and our member from online. It’s Pinky :fairy:, one of the Forum Moderators. I’m hoping I am about to answer the correct question, but I was a little confused since the title for the post was asking about “Anchorage” and the question was about “Fairbanks”…so I went with the Fairbanks option.

My apologies :confused: for not checking with you first about what your specific needs (accessibility) were for the hotel or what time of year you are looking to travel, because I know that would affect what options I could usually suggest for people. However in the case of going somewhere like Fairbanks, your options were going to be limited anyway; so I thought I would throw you a handful of options. (Mostly in Fairbanks and a nearby one in case you want an adventure). I have verified that these hotels do have Accessible accommodations, but I would definitely verify the availability of the rooms for your specific dates because I have been told it books up for the summer (it did pre-covid); especially between the cruise passengers in-transit and general vacationers because there is a short window in the year to visit.

I just threw in random dates to check for the accessible rooms to verify the hotel “actually” has them; in case they don’t show up when you check your dates. (Also threw in a few hotel brands that typically show up on wholesale sites like hotels.com and expedia.) Please let me know which one you decided to try and how it was; we always want to learn about a good accessible hotel: *(*my favorite choice) :+1: :+1:

And if your dying to meet Santa :santa: and you want to do an overnight trip:

Hotel North Pole :christmas_tree: - Only Mobility Accessible rooms listed with roll-in showers

Please remember :crossed_fingers:, that although my lists can be excessive (and exhausting); they are definitely not complete. We are forever learning about new properties around the planet. Hopefully this will at least help cover whatever your needs may be without us first playing 20 questions about the specifics? Remember to please come back and share your Alaska adventure with us. Would love to hear what it’s like up in the frozen tundra and what sort of accessible activities you found to do. One of these days my spouse will drag me up there…(as soon as I see a palm tree next to crystal clear blue water).

  • Have a great trip. :flight_departure:

  • Keep on traveling everyone; It’s our world too! :wheelchair: :earth_americas:

  • -Russell :kissing_heart:

PS I couldn’t find anything about the Watermark having Accessible rooms :no_entry_sign:; so best to contact them if you like that hotel. (It is owned by the cruise lines and probably just guests for the cruises) :passenger_ship: