Fairbanks Alaska Accessible Hotel Recommendation


Question from a community member:
Can anyone recommend a hotel in Fairbanks that is welcoming to my companion dog?


I went to Alaska a couple of years ago on a Holland America Cruise that also took usvinkabd. Spent 1st week aboard ship then docked in Anchorage for one night then went inland by train to Denali and spent a couple of nights there. Then by train go Fairbanks for several nights. We stayed in a hotel in downtown area of Fairbanks and tte hotel wascowbed by Holland America but there were other groups and conventions staying there as well. My accessible accommodations were outstanding. They had a restaurant that was excellent. One of the ladies working there happened to be in the ladies room at the same time as I was and she asked me if the ladies room, restaurant, my room, etc were comfortable for me and was everything accessible or could I point out.anything they needed to do to make it easier for someone with a handicap. I cannot remember the name of that hotel but I think it might have been the Westmark.