Faulty Scooter Problem

We rented a scooter from Scootaround for our 18-day Panama Canal cruise departing San Francisco on April 26. The scooter was delivered to our cabin as expected but it was immediately apparent it was defective. It would not hold a charge and could not be driven very far without stalling. We immediately contact Scootaround and were told they would be in contact with the ship in attempts to getting a scooter to us before departure from San Francisco. We went the 18 days with a scooter that my husband could not depend on. We had planned 4 self-guided walking tours at the ports, however, because we could not depend on the scooter, we had to book and pay for tours.
Scootaround has decided not to charge us for the scooter rental but refuses any additional condensation for ruining a cruise. A friend suggests filling a small claim for the loss and inconvenience. Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you,

Hi Mikey, it’s Pinky :fairy:t5:; One of your Forum Moderators. I am totally empathizing with you because the EXACT same issue happened to us while do the same cruise; but going the other direction.

In fact, it took some intense begging if I remember correctly to get Scootaround to rent me the (at the time) New Whill chair; because they said there would be “no ports of call” along the way the would be able to service the chair if something were to break." We finally settled on them leaving an extra chair on the ship that could be swapped-out or used for parts if needed along the way; as I quickly studied up the handbook on how to do repairs. The chair literally started breaking down as we were sailing away from the U.S. coast and my cell-phone signal gave out. (I still remember crying on deck).
Trust me, they were right and I was wrong; we used all the parts and swapped the whole chair eventually too.

Although they were right about possible needing repair shops along the way, it wasn’t right that most of my vacation was ruined (such as yours) because they did not provide a reliable piece of equipment for what we agreed to when I signed the rental agreement.

This is why I think you possibly have a right to come sort of additional compensation; especially if they have already admitted to fault by refunded the rental costs. However…

Step 1: You need to find your original rental agreement and give it a read through. (And gather any other paperwork or documentation you have between you and Scootaround; including any phone calls or voicemails). See if the agreement mentions anything about Guarantee of working equipment? What your obligations are if repairs are needed and what their promise of repair is if you meet those obligations?

Step 2: Right down everything that happened, including when (day and time; roughly); so you can build a timeline out of what happened and how you maintained your part of the rental agreement. I know it sounds silly, but it will come up again and again when you seek help with this.

Step 3: I want you to go to the website: Elliott Advocacy and take a look around; especially the Cruise Fiasco’s page (where you may even read about a nightmare cruise the Elliott helped me with). Usually they have company contacts for most of the large travel agencies, but ScootAround was not listed. I think you should reach out to them and explain the situation; I think they may be able to be of help based on what your contract says.

Elliott will probably ask you some questions or suggest a “path” of contacts to start reaching out to, before they start intervening or have you reach out to CEO’s or other high exec’s about the situation. It may sound a little taxing, but is worth it to make sure its handled the right way to try and get you some type of compensation. My guess is, they might be able to get your next scooter rental covered; but it would be very rare for them to compensate you financially for most things. (Wait till you read the fine print of the rental agreements; its mind blowing what they have you sign-off on when you make the rental :exploding_head:.

I defiantly would avoid the lawsuit suggestion unless you are doing it to make a point and you have money to burn on attorneys and court fees? Companies as large as these have good legal teams and you won’t want to go in front of a judge without one of your own. You will easily surpass your chair rental and cruise costs if you have to go down that path.

As I said, talk to Elliott and start there. See if what they suggest is something you want to pursue. And again, I truly emphasize with what you went through and only want you to get what you deserve. I just don’t want you to get too high of expectations with these travel companies anymore. There’s a reason those legal docs are 20+ plus pages every time you sign a “terms of agreement” tab… very good expensive lawyers write a very all-encompassing term sheet.

I’m here for you if you need anything else? Please let me know how it went. We have our fingers crossed :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:for you with getting a solution.

Stay Strong,
-Pinky :fairy:t5: