Favorite Accessible Beaches in the US

Summer is right around the corner! As people are planning their summer travel, we’re looking for recommended accessible beaches. What’s your favorite accessible beach?

Check out our article about the top accessible beaches around the US here.

Our favorite accessible beach is in Santa Barbara. They have two accessible wheelchairs, one Manual and one powered. You can reserve them by calling the parks department.

If you’re looking to venture out a little farther, Inverness beach on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia Canada has different beach wheelchairs that can be signed out for free. The community got together to raise money to do so. And the views are breathtaking. Highly recommend.

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Hi everyone, It’s Pinky :fairy:; one of your friendly neighborhood Forum Moderators.

I just had to throw a vote in for Accessible beaches, because I am so proud about what’s happened in my hometown; Miami Beach :palm_tree:. A lot has to do with a true-life superhero named Sabrina Cohen. Sabrina has done so much to help make the beach (and whole city) more accessible to everyone through the Sabrina Cohen Foundation.
On top of the city now having Beach Mats and Free Beach Wheelchairs in multiple places throughout the beach; Sabrina has helped get the city to build the nations FIRST ever adaptive fitness center for people with disabilities (27,000sq ft).

They also have a program called “Adaptive Beach Days” to help make sure everyone gets access to ocean, no matter what hurdles may be to help get them in the water. Hundreds of volunteers give their time and skill sets once a month to help anyone who needs assistance. Sabrina even built the cities first Accessible playground when you want a break from the water. (And they built it a block from my old condo…it has to be a sign).

This must be why so many people are moving to Miami lately (or that’s what I have been telling myself…lol). I literally look for condos for sale next to that new fitness center every week. I am so proud of my hometown. (beyond being proud of Gloria Estefan)

If anyone goes down and gets to try it out, please come back and tell us all about your experience there. And if you need any help finding an Accessible hotel in Miami beach, let me know? Would be my extra-special pleasure to help you visit Miami.

Have a great trip. :flight_departure:

Keep on traveling everyone; It’s our world too! :wheelchair: :earth_americas:

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South Padre Island, Texas. The South Padre Island Fire Department has several Mobi-Chairs to loan out, first come, first serve to wheelchair dependent people ( adult and children). There are also several access points along the Island we’re there are either wood ramps built through the dunes or mats placed down to allow people to walk on the sand with ease.
It is a very flat barrier island that has several national chain motels/hotels and condos on the beach.
South Padre Island has been declared the most accessible beach in the state of Texas by the Texas Land Commissioner and approved by the Governor.
You can fly into the closest airports which would be Harlingen/Valley International (HRL) or Brownsville/South Padre Island International Airport. (BRO)